Eco Xmas: sustainable Christmas

Eco Xmas: sustainable Christmas

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- It's time to look in the drawers Some memories you keep and give them a new use. Postcards, labels, maps, stickers, comics, magazines, albums ... They can be this year Christmas decorations.

- Coffee capsules, with their metallic colors and the bases of cupcakes and muffins are perfect for making ornaments; with jingle bells are bells and with LEDS, mini screens. The medication boxes, wrapped with recycled paper and adorned with wool or cotton thread, will be packages.

- Track on the Internet, follow blogs or use Pinterest, Flickr or We heart it, to discover many ideas. In this two websites there are DIY photos to inspire you: garlands, Christmas stars, balls, Advent calendars ... trucosyastucias.com and blog.cosasmolonas.com

Advertising - Read on below Christmas decorations in Nordic and eco style

Metals are unique to give an air from luxe to any corner at Christmas. Gold and silver are the classics, but what's new? Copper, in a matt or gloss version, is fashionable. Copper paper brings flashes in small doses to this corner with recycled parts; the boats and the chair were updated with chalk paintings, of www.chalkpaint.es. Owl, by Hübsch Home Interior & Design.

The Enchanted Forest

Dry branches are decorative and can become sustainable Christmas trees. Look for one with a sculptural and irregular shape on your next field trip! Only ten or fifteen ornaments are necessary to acquire a festive air.

A plus: The garland of lights. As for the system to hang it, here two chains attached to the ceiling have been used, but it can also be secured with nylon thread. Similar ornaments, at Hübsch Home Interior & Design.

Details for a vintage Christmas

Wrapping gifts in a personal way and decorating them with handmade details denotes affection and dedication. Paper craft, of newspaper or other with any evocative motive, such as that of an old score, they are perfect. Make labels, decorate them with washi tape, Stamping stamps, use ink in various colors ...

What does the person who receives the gift like best? If it is music, a score paper, similar in The Craftcake Mama, but there are more options to personalize a plain paper with musical notes: with die cutter, sold on Page 4, or a stamp to be stamped, on request, in Bolena Sisters. Tags with varied motifs and vintage air can be downloaded for free at www.wefreebies.com. Similar cotton ribbons, in Esther & Martin.

Christmas low cost and eco-friendly

Pineapples, tree bark, twigs, trunks, berries, seeds, leaves, nuts, chestnuts and stones. Nature offers a wide variety of ornaments for a Christmas eco friendly. Call it what you want, Christmas shabby chic or Christmas low cost, in all natural and / or recovered materials are used. With creativity, raffia ribbons, burlap cloth and little else, much can be done.

Balls and tinsel are the ornaments par excellence but, what if this Christmas try to make others with natural or recovered materials? Old keys, wool, buttons, scraps, postcards, wire or even plastic containers. If you want ideas and learn some technique, sign up for workshops or look for DIY tutorials on the Internet.

It's flexia scarf ...

Don't look for it in the dictionary, it doesn't come. It is a solution to wrap anything in a square of fabric; For example, your Christmas shopping this year! The Furoshiki It is a traditional Japanese technique that is used today to wrap, decorate and transport. There are several ways to fold and tie, depending on the object to be covered by the fabric. Learn how to do it in furoshiki.com

Christmas tree

Find alternatives to place Reyes' gifts. They will look the same on a pair of chairs, in a charming corner, around the fireplace,
in the bookstore, on the stairs ... If you want, you can give extra warmth and define the area with blankets or plaids of knit or hair. And if what you give is a chair or any piece of furniture difficult to wrap? You only need a maxi sign with a funny manifesto; You can be inspired by those of Mr. Wonderful's website.

There are still weeks for you to give your gifts with a creative wrapper, but if the date is approaching and you will not be able to prepare them - some will have to do them in secret and find the moment is somewhat difficult - in this store: //selfpackaging.es/ You have the solution.