Original wall displays

Original wall displays

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Let's give a different air to a wall with this DIY idea. It's about hanging cube-shaped shelves to use as exhibitors. We have used squares and others in the form of a house. In the video we tell you step by step how to do it and you will see the deco proposal, combined with a light box.

- Decorative cubes (these are from Leroy Merlin and shaped like a house with lighting, from Kenay Home).
- Curtain rod.
- Chain of small links.
- Hooks in S.
- Females (Another option: 3M Command Strips)

1. Install a rail for pictures on the top of the wall.

2. Get some open shelves, of those that fit into each other, and hang them up. To do this, make a hole in the center of the top cover with a drill with a fine drill and fix a socket. From it will hang a thick nylon cable, which will be attached to the upper rail to the corresponding hooks.

3. Play with the cable length so that each cube is at a height.

4. You can also adapt this idea so that the shelves hang from a chain curtain rod. In this case, measure the distance from the wall to the bar, which separates, and moves that measure to the top of the shelf that will hang. There, place the female and from it the chain that will go, on another hook, to the curtain rod.

More natural? A cord. Make a hole in the center of the shelf lid with a drill the thickness of the rope you are going to use. Pass the end and make a knot, which will stop.

OUR TRICK: If the cubes or shelves you hang are moving too much, place bits of double-sided tape on the hidden face and stick them to the wall.