Cloth diapers, the new trend

Cloth diapers, the new trend

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There are many reasons to consider the return to cloth diapers: they are eco friendly, Respectful towards the environment; They are better for baby's skin; and they will save you a peak in disposable diapers.

These that we show you here are adjustable and washable in the washing machine so you can use them again and again.

Bambino Mio

Available in various designs, the removable absorbent core of this diaper makes it easy to use; You can even add a booster pad if necessary. It grows together with the baby thanks to the adjustable clasps and hook and loop closure.

Cloth diapers with safety closure

It has elastic reinforcements around the leg openings, for greater protection against leaks. It also comes with two extras so you can double the absorption, and the lining is made of cotton, softer for the skin. From Gerber.

Extra absorbent cloth diapers

It has two pads (one small and one large) so you can adjust the level of absorption as needed, depending on factors such as the baby's size, activity level or time of day. Its snap fasteners ensure a secure fit.

Cloth diapers

You need many diapers every day, so it will be good for you to have several. In pack of 6, this is the most economical model of our selection.

Diapers for the pool

These diapers are specially designed for the pool, with a towel-like fabric inside and a waterproof outer layer. There are three different sizes, and it has adjustable clasps on the sides for an extra secure fit.

Ecological diapers

This eco-friendly diaper is made of fabric and disposable at the same time: it is composed of a reusable outer part, but the inner part can be discarded.

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