Discover here the different types of rice and how to use them in each stew

Discover here the different types of rice and how to use them in each stew

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There are many different varieties of rice and each of them has special characteristics. that make it ideal for each type of recipe.

Rice according to size

The medium grain rices, The most traditional in our country, it absorbs the flavors well and is ideal for dishes such as paellas and rice casserole. Those of long fine grain They are loose and firm, perfect for side dishes and salads. Round rice, which releases a lot of starch, is the most appropriate for sweet rice and desserts.

Rice with its own name

The rice bomb It is characterized by a high level of flavor absorption, essential for rice dishes and paella. The basmati It remains loose after cooking, so it is recommended in side dishes or to saute it with vegetables. Wild rice It combines very well with fish. The arboreal, With its creamy texture, it is ideal for risottos or rice pudding.

How to measure rice

In order not to overdo or fall short when cooking rice, calculate about 100 grams per diner for main dishes, such as paellas, and rice with tomato and 50 grams per person if what you are going to do is a rice dish with broth, soups or as a principal's garnish.


REMOVED? If it is dry rice, once grain and broth come together, nothing needs to be done to not release the starch. If it is broth, stir slightly.

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The secret of the broth in rice


The success of a rice recipe lies in the correct proportion between the broth and the grain. For paellas, for each part of rice, add 2 or 2.5 broth. In sweet rice, 1 part of rice for 3 broth, and in broth, 1 of rice for 4 of broth.

Take advantage of leftovers


If you have surplus, use it to make delicious dishes. With traces of white rice prepare delicious salads with vegetables, legumes, fried rice with meat or as a side dish. And if you have leftover rice with chicken or paella, make tasty croutons or stuff zucchini.

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