The most striking bath of the season: Before and after

The most striking bath of the season: Before and after

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A big surprise is the one that the owner of this bathroom took when she saw it renovated from top to bottom. The transformation was made by Isabel Díaz Vecino, decorator and creator of the interior design studio Estilohome. She explains: "I did this work in 8 days, since my client was traveling, and the challenge was that when I came I would find it already finished." The metamorphosis was radical and the bathroom gained in functionality, comfort and beauty. This was done.

The bathroom before the reform

before Stylehome

The large furniture in the sink and bathtub "ate" virtually the entire space. The coatings were also very outdated. The bathroom is very boring, gray and impractical.

The bathroom after the reform


The sink area furnished in wood. Receive direct light from the window, with mirrored glass to see without being seen.

WildebeestEvo washbasin cabinet and bye bathtub. The original closet was a huge and old-fashioned module that stole a lot of space. With two sinks in the sink, it was very compact and encased between the bathtub and the toilet. Instead, two 5 cm thick oak wood boards were placed, treated against moisture, as a sink countertop - with a single battery - and as a shelf to place baskets on which to organize hygiene objects. The large bathtub was also removed, thus winning the entire wall in which it was installed, to replace it with a telephone shower. The bidet, located on the same front as the WC, was also dispensed with.


The bathroom has rejuvenated a lot! Although it is not very large - about 6 m2- Two glass cabins have been created, on each side of the sink: one for shower and the other to separate the toilet. Still nothing is mottled, but cheerful, light and very bright.

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Two cabins: for shower and toilet. The distribution is now more comfortable and efficient. The sink has been located in the center of the bathroom, just in front of the access door to it, and on each side two cabins with glass enclosures were created. On one side is the shower, with floor at the same level as the rest of the pavement, to
easy access, and the other the toilet cabin, which also became independent with glass.

Oak shelves blown with matching mirror, this one from Ikea, like the lamp. The overlay basin is Round, with Roca faucets embedded in the wall. Accessories and decorative baskets, from Hym home. Stylehome

Coatings mix. For the floor and walls large ceramic pieces were chosen on the pavement and rectangular - small format - on the walls. These were tiled to a height of 95 cm with a plinth and in the highest area a cheerful patterned vinyl wallpaper - the Clementine model - of Sanderson was placed,
that fills the environment with flowers, birds ...

The toilet cabin. This is equipped with a bidet kit, so you can complete hygiene, or take a relaxing foot bath. Stylehome

Decorative keys to the bathroom reform

Mix very cheerful. Light tones and prints in "happy" colors bring luminosity and optimism. Also the game of the different coverings and their varied formats: large tiles on the floor, small tiles on the walls, wallpaper ...

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Small and suspended toilets. Both the sink and the toilet are small and the second one has been installed directly on the wall, without floor support. This not only lightens the space and offers a feeling of spaciousness, but also makes cleaning easier.

Flower wallpaper It is one of the great successes. The floral pattern can collide in a bathroom, but it brings attractiveness and excellent vibrations. In addition, being vinyl, it holds moisture very well.

Wood to heat. This material, present in furniture, and fiber supplements are natural and add a lot of warmth.

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