Aromas for Christmas: Ideas that will perfume the whole house

Aromas for Christmas: Ideas that will perfume the whole house

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Advertising - Keep reading below With pineapples and cinnamon

A center made with pineapples, cinnamon sticks and orange. Depending on the amount of elements you put in, you can adjust the intensity of the aromas, according to the space in which they are located.

Via: Treasure in an Earthen Vessel

Small houses

Cinnamon sticks resemble the construction structures of the houses, so they are perfect for this. It is the simplest option for gingerbread houses.

Via: I don't know how she does it

Eucalyptus Wreath

A miminalista example in the decoration of special dates. In addition, when drying it will leave a lasting touch of color and smell.

Photo: Your DIY Family

Very special acorns

They are made with cinnamon and applesauce. This same dough can be used to make small acorns, a great alternative to potpourri.

Via: 5 Orange Potatoes

Beeswax ornament

Although cinnamon is used in this DIY to give beeswax a delicate aroma, you can use any other essential oil. Lavender, lemon or vanilla would be very good options.

More information: Garden Matter

"Gingerbread" ornaments

A lightly spiced paste (made with cinnamon, applesauce and glue) is the basis for creating these imperishable ornaments reminiscent of gingerbread. These forms with essence also works very well as gift tags.

More information: Pam Ash Designs

Rosemary mini-crowns

As easy as results, these rosemary rings look like mini-crowns in this herb garland. You can also use this idea to make napkin rings.

More information: The Sweetest Occasion

The orange is the candlestick

An orange scented with cloves is the perfect candleholder for a tea candle. The gentle heat of the flame accentuates the aromas.

Via: Adventuress

Natural crown

The fresh pine cuttings give a fresh winter aroma to this traditional crown. Dried orange slices add a colorful and natural touch.

More information: Pop Shop America

Cinnamon and Orange Wreath

Dried orange slices add a touch of color to this simple garland made with cinnamon sticks.

More information: Jojotastic

Gift wrap with aroma

Cookie cutters impregnated with spice paint will be the perfect stamps to turn a roll of kraft paper into a gift wrap with a fun and scented print. It is an ideal DIY to do with children.

More information: NurtureStore

Wooden ornaments with fragrance

Impregnates silhouettes cut in the wood with oils and aromas to get an ornament for the tree with a very pleasant smell.

More information: North Story

Via: House Beautiful US


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