8 Tricks to have your house always in style

8 Tricks to have your house always in style

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Keeping your house in good condition and according to trends is very simple. The key is to follow to the letter some tips that will help you to renew, update, clean and order the rooms. You will get that furniture and accessories look their best, resist aging and the style of space follow the opinions of fashion with handmade solutions, which will transform them.

Advertising - Continue reading below 1 A second chance

A dilapidated piece of furniture, that piece that you feel old-fashioned or the one that was once used for a specific purpose, now in disuse, deserves a second chance! Overflow charm even if you do not see it at first sight. Imagine them with a hand of new paint or a current textile. The trick: visualize your new finish. Chalk Paintno chalk paints need a pretreatment to wash the face of a piece of furniture. Recycle and recover is eco friendly. And everything you can imagine can be painted. The power of color to renew is incredible. Fruit boxes that become containers to organize toys, magazines, books or plants! This idea is from Kenay Home.


2 Wood in good condition

Wood never goes out of style. Of course, according to trends, it becomes lighter or darker. The important thing is that it always remains in good condition. It must be hydrated and shiny. To prevent drying it is necessary to wax it periodically. However, the successive layers of wax can give the furniture a greased and matte appearance. It has a solution: remove the remains of dry wax with a mixture of 1/2 glass of vinegar with 1/2 glass of water. Apply with a cotton cloth and rub until there is no trace of wax. Everything from Ikea.


3 More space, please!

The eternal problem we have at home. For many closets we always need more warehouse space. It is important to perform periodic cleaning to not accumulate what we do not need. But it also happens that, in houses where there are no more than meters, gaining storage gaps is an obligation. Look up: the spaces above the doors are candidates to become heights. Our advice: also take advantage of the doors, on the one hand they have an exposed face but on the other you can place shelves, hangers or containers for small items. Everything from Ikea.


4 Protect the surface of the tables

If there is something that affects and ages a room, it is that a piece of furniture seems neglected. Scratches on the surface of the tables can be avoided. They are furniture that have a lot of use. It prevents them from spoiling with a crystal of the size of the envelope. Place some plastic bubbles between the table and the glass and you will prevent it from moving. And if my table is already damaged? It has a solution? Yes. Place or line the surface with a wallpaper, with a sheet or photograph or with plans of cities that you have gathered in your travels and finish off with a glass. You can also restore scratches with putty, paint and place the glass. In this proposal an expanded subway map has been used.


5 Little touches, big changes

Just by hitting. A textile or paper application, a vinyl or washi tape (decorated paper adhesive tape). They are details that transform with discretion. It is a way to personalize furniture or even hide a defect or blow. In this image, a solution with washi tape From Ikea.


6 Decorate with practicality

Before placing any piece in your house, analyze its location in the space so that it strengthens the strengths of the room. An angled wall? You better not paint it in an intense tone. A long and narrow hallway? Place a piece of furniture at the bottom and mirrors on one side to make it appear wider. Look at this picture. The coat rack has been installed in the kitchen, in the area of ​​the office, To organize the cloths. Its location on the radiator is a success since, in addition to decorating the wall, the heat will help the textiles to dry before. Everything, by Laura Ashley.


7 Well organized

Divide and you will win. It is one of the maxims of order. Better all in boxes, compartmentalized drawers, covers ... In a few moments, order is easier and find what you are looking for, too. This textile wall organizer, from Ferm Living, is an ideal example: every element in its compartment. In addition, the wall is used to organize and decorate because its design is simple and practical but flirtatious. Make an organizer to locate it next to an armchair and have on hand magazines, the ebook and the books, or in the hall and that each member of the family leave everything that they cannot forget when leaving home.


8 flawless rugs

The carpets are decorative but need special care if you pretend that they always look in good condition, that their colors do not lose intensity and that they do not accumulate dirt. A perfect trick to clean and disinfect is to use salt. Pour a layer of salt over the entire surface of the carpet and then roll it up. After a few hours, unroll it and vacuum to remove the remains of salt. If you have any spots, clean it with bicarbonate water, hydrogen peroxide or simply carbonated water. In this image you also have a very creative idea: a carpet made with felt balls. It's from Lilipinso.



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