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This superfood is on everyone's lips. It is the seed of fashion. And in this case, you have (many) reasons to be the goal of all eyes and diets. Its properties and nutrients make it the new-great-pantry. We tell you why.

It is full of vitamins, fatty acids, omega 3 and minerals that provide us with many benefits.

Among others, more vitality, greater feeling of satiety (prevents pecking) or great hydration.

They contain more nutrients than many foods such as salmon or milk, in the case of omega 3 or calcium. It helps to control cravings and is perfect to take it for breakfast with the 'topping' that you like, along with milk or yogurt. Its texture is delicious!

Mix 3 teaspoons of chia and half a cup of milk in a bowl at night. Leave it in the fridge overnight. Ready!

In addition, it has a delicious flavor that makes it perfect not only for breakfast, but also for dressing salads or making healthy empanadas.

Its great absorption power makes it grow from 10 to 12 times its weight in water, making it a good option for sports people or very active. How did I snack before going to the gym?

And one more reason: they protect us against pollution. Something priority considering what our planet is becoming.

Its nutrients make us protected from the effects of tobacco smoke or UVA rays.

Do you need more reasons? Try it and you will convince yourself.


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