A modern loft-style apartment

A modern loft-style apartment

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The obvious feeling of spaciousness that is breathed in this house is largely due to an intelligent restructuring of it. A project carried out by interior designer Mario Ramos who, wisely, decided to base the reform on the opening of new paths for natural light. With these clear guidelines, transformed a three bedroom apartment into a loft aesthetic floor, with private areas but completely unified. A gratifying predominance of white, both in structure and furniture, was the key to achieving it.

The new distribution is partly due to the demolition of partitions, which resulted in a much more flexible conception of space, with unions and divisions through sliding doors, and with furniture that act as delimiters in certain areas. The kitchen bar is an example of this: with cabinets, drawers and semi-hidden cooking area on one side, and breakfast bar and store shelves on the other. The separation between the day and the night area was achieved by installing the bathroom in the center. It is a cube whose walls are lined with white lacquered pieces; In this way it is better integrated into the passage zone.

On the wall that coincides with the dining room, three modern niches finished in black were made; a studied resource that brings depth and dynamism. The oak parquet was a great success, both as a unifying element of the different environments, as an infallible method to combat the coldness of the target. Studied strategically distributed touches of color they triumph over a marked neutral base. Favorable and very successful is the choice of bedding, with pieces in electric blue, pistachio green and tan tones. In the bathroom, with straight lines and functional design, the front of the washbasin stands out in an intense and warm orange color.

Advertising - Keep reading below Color notes in the room

Breaking the predominance of white was necessary to create some depth and centralize the decoration in different focuses. The living area, for example, is bounded by a colorful carpet of colors. Nico model sofa, from Gamamobel. The coffee table is a custom made interior design. Carpet Puzzle, from B&B. FLAT>

Stylish details decorate the dining room

On the paneled front, annexed to the dining area, three original black lacquered niches were made; very useful as a storage space, they break with the uniformity of white and create a colorful chromatic dynamism. Salguer dining table, from Kibuc. Chairs model Mirta, by Bonaldo, for sale in Sieline. Zettel'z 6 ceiling lamp, designed by Ingo Maurer, in Comercial Eléctrica. FLAT>

Kitchen open to the dining room

The integration of the kitchen, open to the living room, is total thanks to the use of the same colors as in the living area. White and black predominate as a base with a touch of color in the accessories. Sofa, by Gammamobel. Cushions, B&B, Coco-Mat and Lu-Ink. B&B carpet. Stools model Bombo, from Magis purchased in Sieline. FLAT>

Good organization in the kitchen

A large sliding glass door hides the laundry area and part of the kitchen cupboards. With this idea, you get a uniform and orderly front facing the living area. Sliding doors, from Rimadesio acquired in Sieline. Armchairs in red and black Lümmen model, for sale at www.todolifestyle.com. Behind, painting acquired in Lu-Ink.

Cooking zone

The kitchen simulates a long hallway open to the living room; behind the bar and sliding doors hide cabinets and drawers with storage capacity. Jazz model lamps, by Vibia.

Functional furniture in the kitchen

Kitchen furniture model Mynos, from Santos bought in Sieline. Carpets, by Francisco Cumellas.

Step to the bedroom

Bedding, from Filocolore, India & Pacific and Coco-Mat. Carpets, by Francisco Cumellas. FLAT>

Master bedroom with a practical layout

The need to increase the storage areas in the bedroom was solved with an ingenious headboard with space inside and suspended cabinets finished in white. The headboard envelope also acts as a practical library. Baskets, from Ikea. Quilt, from Filocolore. Cushions, from Coco-Mat. FLAT>

Basic furniture in the bedroom

The slogan of this house, getting bright and spacious spaces, was achieved in the bedroom by choosing the right furniture. The absence of devices provides fresh environments. Chair, by Bonaldo, acquired in Sieline. FLAT>

Warm textiles in the bedroom

Blue Plaid, by Coco-Mat. Brown blanket with tassels, from India & Pacific. Carpet, by Francisco Cumellas. FLAT>

Auction work

Small details are responsible for a perfect result. State-of-the-art switches, recessed spotlights on ceilings or systems as original as removable bedside tables make a difference in this home. FLAT>

In the bathroom the color is the protagonist

The front of the sink was covered with a special paint in deep orange that resists moisture. The contrast with the wooden floor and the white toilets is enriching and very warm. Washbasin, by Antonio Lupi. Faucets, from Dornbracht. Sanitary, from Duravit. Everything, acquired in Bricoceramic Girona. FLAT>


- The best method to visually increase a space is to create the illusion that it extends beyond the limits of housing. Here it was achieved with light blinds that allow part of the garden to be integrated into the master bedroom.
- Another frequent resource is the use of white as a catalyst to enhance light; then, to achieve depth and visual richness it is advisable to introduce intense tones in the form of fabrics and accessories, easy to renew.


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