Everything you must have to decorate your party

Everything you must have to decorate your party

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How important it is to decorate a party as it deserves. Depending on whether one type of event or another, the tastes of the honoree, your own, the reason for the celebration ... everything influences when decorating the space where you will gather your people. Whether it is an event held outdoors or indoors there are complements that you should not miss. Valentina and her party, specialists in festive decoration, give us the keys on the essentials to celebrate: pom poms, paper utensils, straws, garlands and more.

Do not miss what the professionals of the parties and celebrations advise us to make our party a success in terms of decoration with simple and accessible accessories.

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The setting of a party is essential. Valentina and her party know it and recommend us what not to miss. Check out their website to locate your accessories and soak up their ideas and recommendations.

Garlands with messages

Hang your message side by side with these colored garlands.


To hang both indoors and outdoors.


Lanterns of all kinds to set.


Disposable tablecloths but colored.

Household use and throw with charm

Glasses, plates, straws, napkins ... choose the utensils to use and throw that you like. Choose colors, motifs, prints ...

And some popcorn

They never fail! Prepare some popcorn and present them in cardboard cubes.

Something sweet

And well presented. Choose dishes and sources to use and throw and collect in a pee pas the party.

Red and with dots

So funny is this collection! With spots. Mix having fun.

For the kids

For a themed party.

Garland with black message The most elegant and Nordic!

Disposable tableware.

A little atmosphere with light

For a corner of the party, for the buffet table ... these nice little lamps will cause a sensation.

Luminous poster

And put the message that best suits you.

Don't miss the flower arrangements

As simple as they are. Valentina and her party have it clear.

Pompoms on the table

To decorate the table where you will sit to eat or which will delight as a buffet.