The new IKEA collection for vintage lovers

The new IKEA collection for vintage lovers

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75 years ago since Ingvar Kamprad created IKEA at your uncle's kitchen table, and this is the ideal time to celebrate it in style with a new style collection vintage which collects the most leading articles of the 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s. Is about FREEwhich will be released on three different dates.

"Every release is different, each one marks its time period; from dark woods with classic expression to fun styles with strong colors; going on later to a more minimalist appearance with light natural woods and graphic colors, ”says IKEA's creative director, Karin Gustavsson.


Advertising - Read on below 1 Eighties Spirit IKEA

The cushions they are infected with the eighties aesthetic, filling with bold prints and colors.

2 Patterns with history IKEA

The textiles of SIPPRUTA were designed for the first collection of IKEA PS in 1995. Composed of classic and timeless patterns, cushions are the best way to give life to a dull and boring room.

3 The reign of KLIPPAN IKEA

The 70s and 80s were the decades in which the sofa KLIPPANreached its splendor. Created with the aim of supporting the long days of children's games, The new collection surprises us with some striking covers in red, yellow and cobalt blue colors.

4 Minimalism IKEA

The 90s stood out for the minimalist style combined with graphic prints. For that very reason, this armchair next to the coffee table, both with a simple designThey fit so well with the carpet of geometric patterns.

5 Living Eaters IKEA

The chair BJURÅN, formerly known as ÖGLA, was first launched in 1961, and the new edition in dark red It is perfect to give a touch of grace to the dining room table.

6 Futuristic design IKEA

East bench with interior storage He was also part of the collection of IKEA PS from 1995, which he intended to experiment with the possible appearance of modern Scandinavian design. It is ideal for decorating the hall, the living room, or even the bedroom.

7 Modern lights IKEA

The floor lamp KNÄSJÖ born in 1958 as TRINETT. Currently, it continues to impact its modern design but has new features, As the use of LED bulbs and the white screens.

8 Classic reimagined IKEA

The mythical armchair STRANDMON it was one of Ingvar's favorites, that's why the collection FREE update it in two new shades of blue.

9 Pure elegance IKEA

The choice of one side table adequate can make the room charge a different aura, something you will get with the model LÖVBACKEN.

10 Natural inspiration IKEA

The rattan armchair ALBACKEN recover the passion for natural fibers that are so fashionable today.

11 Favorites IKEA

His rattan mate, the armchair GAGNET, It was released in 1958, when IKEA opened its first store in Älmhult, Sweden. Today it is still one of the most comfortable seats of the firm.

12 Appreciate the notes IKEA

The SMAKKÄNSLA glasses They are a classic that whiskey lovers will appreciate better than anyone.


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