A rural hotel in the Alentejo

A rural hotel in the Alentejo

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Beaches with crystal clear waters and soft sand. A rocky landscape full of vegetation. Aroma of the Atlantic and lifestyle slow. Welcome to Porto Covo, a town in Alentejo where you can disconnect from your daily problems and connect with nature. In this heavenly place, we discover the rural hotel O Lugar, designed by the Portuguese studio Arkstudio. "The starting point of the project was the characteristics of the environment and its location," the interior designers explain and add "the main idea was to create a space with a minimal character, associated with the beauty and tranquility of the landscape."

They achieved (by far) their objective by using natural and local materials, such as wood and fibers, and handicrafts typical of the region that they combined with decorative pieces from different countries, "to create an eclectic, quiet and pluralistic space," they affirm. The result is a refuge as Portuguese as universal in which peace is breathed and where we are invited to slow down, to enjoy the dolce far niente and to embrace the movement slow without looking back.

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White walls, stone floors, light ... There is no doubt, we are in the Alentejo and we will know one of the most desirable rural hotels in the area.

Very natural

Arkstudio has been in charge of interior design and wanted to create a natural and eclectic space.

The spirit of Alentejo

Local materials and handicrafts from the region invade every corner of the hotel.

Slow life

With a sober color palette they have managed to create a calm refuge.

The importance of the details

The color notes put the natural details.

Rich in fibers

A lamp with a fiber shade provides texture without leaving the color gamut.

A lot of light

The rooms are invaded by the sun's rays.

Perfect shelter

Perfect for both traveling alone and accompanied

Deserved rest

ESus beds invite you to dive between the sheets and extend the time to wake up.

Relaxing bath

Of minimalist lines and natural materials.

Room with views

The terraces turn their views towards the sea.

Natural environment

Waking up overlooking the sea and nature ... Can you ask for more?


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