10 kitchens to love wood (even more)

10 kitchens to love wood (even more)

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But besides natural, wood has infinite possibilities! You can leave it as is, with its imperfections, and adopt the style raw, or paint it your favorite color, or leave the exposed beams, or ... We better show you, right?

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If in addition to the kitchen, the rest of the house is also made of wood, you will have the warmest and most cozy home you would have ever imagined.

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Blue paradise

A roof with white wood panels, natural floors and a leading island where the blue color reminds us of marine beauty.

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Symbiosis of wood and marble

Marble and wood are like Monica Bellucci and the red lipstick: the perfect match.

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High ceilings

If you are lucky enough to enjoy a kitchen with high ceilings, in addition to leaving exposed beams, place a couple of candlesticks like these and ... travel back in time!

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Polished wood

Modern and clean, polished wood will always seem unpolluted in your kitchen.

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Golden details

Another of the ideal wooden companions is undoubtedly the golden tone. Isn't it great on the tray and lamps?

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With carpet

If you are looking to give your wooden kitchen an extra point of elegance, add a carpet!

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In white

Minimalist, bright and perfect for a Nordic style.

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Dark tones

Not only would it look good with light tones ... If you combine wood with dark colors, you will get a sober and elegant kitchen.

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Beams with presence

Because without them, this kitchen would not be the same, don't you think?

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