A chalet with two heights

A chalet with two heights

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The possibility of playing with two heights was the key to the project carried out in this house by the decorators Sofía Pernas and Micaela Neira. The chalet, located in VigoIt had two floors, which allowed a rational distribution of space. In addition, the ground floor had, in turn, two levels.

The decorators located on the ground floor the kitchen, the living room and the dining room. And what in principle might seem an inconvenience - the existence of a drop in this plant - became an advantage that they took advantage of. In the highest zone the kitchen was located, independent. From here you go to a large space with two levels separated by three steps: the dining room and a reading corner were organized on the highest floor, and the living area was located on the ground floor. Sofía Pernas and Micaela Neira turned to color to enhance a sense of continuity between all the environments that make up the ground floor. The tones chosen were black and white, a binomial of color that is repeated in the kitchen, the dining room and in the living area.

The first floor of the house was destined to the bedrooms and the bathrooms. Also in it a chromatic unit was maintained, but in this case, the sobriety of black was replaced by gray, a color that causes a less dramatic effect when contrasted with white.

A third element came into play to unify the two floors: it is about small details in the pink range that are present both in the living room and in the bedrooms, and that soften the decoration. As for the furniture, Sofía Pernas and Micaela Neira chose current pieces, of pure lines, many of them custom designed - such as the coffee table, the shelves in the reading area or the side table that adapts to the living room the shape of the stairs - and that make each space profitable.

Advertising - Continue reading below The decoration of the room was planned on a two-color scheme: black and white.

So that the contrast was not so hard, details were added in pink and mauve tones that soften and feminize the environment. The wenge finished bookcase is a design by the decorators Sofía Pernas and Micaela Neira. De Manuel and Benito Lamarca: Cool sofas (4,070 x both); coffee table designed by Manuel and Benito Lamarca (1,040 x); KP signature rug and wooden slat blinds, from Persitac. The cushions are made of moss and texture.

Dining room and living room share an open space, with two heights.

On the highest level are the dining room and the reading corner, next to the kitchen, and on a lower level the living area was located. The cube, which adapts to the shape of the steps and serves as an auxiliary table for the sofa, is a design of the decorators. Moss lamp.

The dining room was delimited with a Bolon rug (€ 874).

In addition, one of the walls was coated with Zanzibar paper, from the firm Élitis. Chairs San Diego, from Casa & Jardín (€ 575 each). Everything, in Manuel and Benito Lamarca. The steel and glass table, from Porro, is sold at Sirvent.

In the kitchen

the same color scheme that prevails throughout the ground floor was maintained, with white furniture and a black granite countertop. Household, from La Oca.

The kitchen was designed with a peninsula

in which the ceramic hob was installed. Around it, the countertop was extended to protrude a few centimeters and serve as a small breakfast bar. The stools are from La Oca.

The oven and the microwave

They were installed in a column, on a L-shaped front with respect to the plate, a distribution that facilitates culinary tasks. Dishes and jug, from La Oca.

The headboard of the bedroom

It is a custom made design in suede, with capitoné upholstery (€ 750). Suede bedspread (€ 580). Carpet, from the firm KP. Everything, in Manuel and Benito Lamarca. Buti and cushions, Texture.

The bedside tables in the master bedroom,

With a wrought iron structure and glass envelope, they have a lightweight design that allows you to appreciate the wall paper. Bedside table, from Mompás (€ 201). Kimura paper by Élitis (€ 61.90 / roll). Everything, in Manuel and Benito Lamarca. Lamp, of the signature Portico.

The main bathroom sink was embedded in a marble countertop.

Underneath, a custom closet was made with sliding doors that, although left open, do not hinder circulation.

On the highest level of the room

A reading corner was created. It is formed by a chaise-longue, a carpet and a lamp, everything, of Domus.