You become independent? Basics to make your new home your favorite place

You become independent? Basics to make your new home your favorite place

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The English Court

We are talking about turning those four walls into a real home, giving it warmth, that you come home and feel happy in it, that you consider it the place of your dreams, where to relax and find refuge. A place where wellness and comfort prevail. How to achieve it? Putting in it the best of you: your love, your style, your interest in leaving it beautiful ... And also, betting on including in each room furniture that favors relaxation, fabrics that are a delight for touch, decorative details that add style ... With this selection of basics you will have it very easy.

Advertising - Keep reading under 1 Relaxing bedroom The English Court

The most personal stay in the house requires special attention. If you are not sure what style you want to give, we recommend that you choose a mattress and box spring set and a blank headboard and furniture. Why? Because it is a timeless color that you can combine with any textile and decorative trend. In addition, it brings freshness, is relaxing and never goes out of style. So that it is not too childish, dress your bed with a set of duvet cover in gray tones (like the Leluk model of the brand Our Best Price, from The English Court).


2 Another blank option BUY The English Court

Simple, practical and very youthful. Doesn't this room seem divine with a central bed flanked by bedside tables? You have the essentials for a first bedroom in your new home. In addition, the bedside tables are a success. White PVC, straight lines and two large capacity drawers, so you have all your things at hand. But the best is its price: € 49 each. You will not forgive yourself if you let them escape!

3 What to put in the dining room BUY The English Court

How to get a simple and stylish dining room, without saturating the room and without breaking your budget? Yours is the Nordic look? We have what you are looking for in this proposed practice of The English Court. A table of 90 x 90 cm, lacquered in white, which you can combine with chairs of any color and that (if you have an open concept) you can also use in the kitchen area.
More options

4 Functionality, a plus BUY The English Court

If for the space available at home, you are thinking of incorporating functional parts that provide a lot of service and take up little, auxiliary furniture is the best option. Like this table, with a painted metal structure and glass top. Perfect as a support for dining on the couch, as a bedside table, for breakfast in bed, as a shelf for plants ... Surely you can think of many more uses. You find it in The English Court.

5 Clear the doubt BUY The English Court

And if you're wondering: yes, the beige armchair in the image becomes a single bed of 102 x 182 cm. It has metal and wood frame, click-clack opening, polyurethane foam padding and the cushion that it incorporates becomes the pillow of the extra bed. Total practical!

6 The main part BUY The English Court

We have the sofa that goes to your first living room. It is super resistant (it has a backrest and polyurethane seat), very comfortable (it transmits very pleasant sensations when sitting) and very functional (the chaise longue can be placed next to the one that best suits you). Urban aesthetics and Nordic style fits perfectly in any millennial stay. Do you see yourself relaxing and napping in it? Well then it's your sofa. Add cushions of intense colors and tropical prints and your room will not need more to stand out.

7 Do you have help in the kitchen? TO BUY The English Court

All the utensils you need, from bowls for vegetables, breakfast cups, airtight jars for your spices, stainless steel cutlery, decorated tablecloths, glassware, gadgets and everything you can imagine so that your culinary creations are at the height you expect, you find in the brand Our Best Price, of The English Court. Like this set of aluminum pans, with non-stick coating, suitable for all types of fires and essential to prepare your best dishes.

8 What tableware do you have? The English Court

Inherited dishes can be emotional and elegant if they are quality pieces that are worth keeping and displaying. Nothing to see, if it is to deal with uneven dishes without more ... Because you can find a tableware of 18 pieces, white porcelain with glossy finish, for € 20 (yes, you read correctly). Where have we seen her? It is of the brand Our Best Price and you find it in The English Court.
And for your celebrations, combine it with another one, decorated with flowers that make you dream of the holidays, every time you put it on the table.


9 Gain comfort in the bathroom The English Court

As for the bathroom, hygiene and efficiency are expected in this room of the house. Tiles, sanitary ware and mirrors are smooth, cold and neat surfaces. They are not required warmth or yes? If you're going to spend hours on it, a pinch of comfort doesn't hurt. Eliminate the coldness and reverberation of sound with bathrobes, carpets, woven shower curtains and towels in the most modern colors of summer (water blue, sand, toasted and cream). Surely later, you love it. You will also need: a bath mat and two sets of towels per person.


10 And, of course, order BUY The English Court

Order and style are very ephemeral concepts. Even if you have decorated your bathroom with pleasure, you can lose in an instant, all that is achieved if you leave dirty clothes piled on either side or lying at the foot of the washing machine. Put a folding basket, which you can use and store as needed, where to leave the clothes you have to wash, away from prying eyes. This, of the brand Our Best Price, of The English Court, it is available in four colors, to match the rest of the deco of your bathroom.

11 Now, four general tips for your home BUY The English Court

The floors, always dressed. Unless yours is made of wood, and its beauty deserves to be exposed, a carpet is a detail that can not be missing at home. In The English Court You find them of all styles and sizes. This jute is one of our favorites. For being a light and natural fiber (very fresh), for its neutral color, which goes well with everything without reducing the prominence to other pieces, and because it is easy to sanitize (ideal for houses with pets).

12 Do not miss plants The English Court

They are very important to give a touch of naturalness to the home. You can distribute two or three around the house or center them in a corner with natural light. You're late home? You don't have a hand Opt for the artificial ones. If you put them in vases or in natural fiber or ceramic pots you will add style to your new house. You can find many potted plants in The English Court.


13 Naked walls, never The English Court

In addition to wasting a great decorative resource, the empty walls are bland, lackluster and give the impression that you have not paid enough attention to the house. Choose to create in them focus of attention that monopolize looks. What do you think of this proposal, of The English Court, with decorative frames? Ideal to enlarge the space. But it is not the only option: try also with wallpaper, with mirrors or with your favorite photos. If you place them vertically, you will visually increase the height of the ceilings.

14 And the same, with the roofs The English Court

A light bulb hanging from the socket? This option is a trend that simulates bare roofs. But do not be confused, they are lamps created with an apparent, but very careful, simplicity, to give the ultra modern touch to the home. Not worth anything. The Pendo Room model is gorgeous.
Without leaving much of your budget, in The English Court, you can find options of ceiling lamps of different styles, from the most worked to more purist models, such as those in the image, with geometric metal frame.

You only have left, fully enjoy your new home.