HJÄRTELIG, the IKEA collection for yoga

HJÄRTELIG, the IKEA collection for yoga

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Hit the button pause (even for a few minutes), forget about our busy routines and enjoy the calm and small things in life. This is what Ikea is looking for with HJÄRTELIG, his latest collection, which invites us to practice some yoga, take care of plants or simply relax among natural and beautiful materials, such as wicker, linen, cork or pine. . «With the HJÄRTELIG collection we want to reach all your senses," he explains - Maja Ganszyniec, designer with Andreas Frediksson of the collection, who in addition to paying attention to materials, have developed functional products to be able to maintain order effortlessly and prevent Our peace is disturbed by mountains of unsaved clothes.

Among the new products (designed with a delicate touch that give a light sensation, but at the same time they are practical and durable), there is a multifunctional bed to be thrown long and wide, a stylish yoga kit or scented candles that create a relaxing environment All designed to create our personal universe, without interruptions, without smartphone notifications, without tasks pending work, only us, our loved ones and nature. Can you ask for anything else?

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HJÄRTELIG, the collection that Ikea has just presented, is the best ally to disconnect from the world and connect with ourselves.

Three enemies

In his 2017 IKEA Life at Home report, Ikea identified three problems that prevent us from relaxing at home: when we take work, the fear of "missing something" and smartphones and other electronic devices that can devour our time and distract Our attention easily from our loved ones.

Relax, take go easy

Therefore, this collection wants us to take care of our mental and emotional well-being, "whether practicing a little yoga, taking care of a plant or simply relaxing between natural and beautiful materials, the HJÄRTELIG collection deals exclusively with the moments to reorient and revitalize us," explain

Sensitive material

Special attention has been given to the use of beautiful and natural materials capable of attracting the senses and helping to feel firm.

Own universe

"The room is the special, almost sacred space of the house. It is the place where we relax after a long day and recharge our batteries. But what if we only have one room? We were thinking carefully about a solution, how the Bed could be "framed" to create a room inside a room.Finally, we reach the HJÄRTELIG canopy, inspired by traditional canopy beds.Vaporous fabric is a mixture of linen and cotton, which makes your sleeping environment aerated Natural and pure. By the way, did you know that all the cotton in our products comes from more sustainable sources? "explains designer Maja Ganszyniec.

Love at first smell

"With the HJÄRTELIG collection we want to reach all your senses, and smell is one of the most important. HJÄRTELIG scented candles have an herbal tone with ginger, orange and patchouli that transforms the atmosphere of your room. The small glass jars also they have tapas, so you can keep the aroma inside, if it becomes too intense. "

Yoga class

Among the productps, there are products for yoga, such as a mat, a bag or a tape.


"Sometimes the body may feel too stiff, especially when we do new exercises. Don't worry, the HJÄRTELIG yoga tape can help you. It works as an extension of the arms and helps you reach positions when you need to reach the feet and feet. toes".

Touch issue

The linen of the cushions becomes more comfortable and soft with the washings.


The new wicker headboard is hung from the wall can be adapted to any bed, providing warmth to the bedroom, with a touch of lightness.

All in order

Keeping order simple is also important to be well at home. "When we studied the habits in a bedroom, we realized that many of us have piles of stacked clothes. That is why we created the ideal furniture: the HJÄRTELIG bench with clothes rack. Here you can hang the clothes of the next day and the clothes that do not you want to put in the closet or wash, "they explain from Ikea.

Kind ways

The jewels will also be placed with the new set of cones in the collection.

I greet the sun

Yoga mat (€ 12.99) 100% cotton.

A little help

Yoga tape (€ 2.99).

To take it out

Yoga bag (€ 9.99), with space to carry the mat and everything you need.

Raise the level

Cork yoga block (€ 11.99 / 2 units).

Store clothes

Basket (€ 17.99) of seacoat lacquered in transparent.


Basket (€ 17.99) hand-woven.

Memories of Africa

Canopy (€ 129).

Lay flowers

Vase (€ 12.99).


Platform (€ 59).

Great help

Back cushion (€ 24.99).

Near the earth

Floor cushion (€ 119).

Bank assault

Bench with coat rack (€ 79), solid pine.

Transparence law

Cone (€ 14.99).

Privacy settings

Screen (€ 99)


Linen blanket (€ 24.99).

Everything fits

Boxes with ornament (€ 4.99 the set of two).

Bed companion

Bedside table (€ 39.99).

To hang up

Wicker hangers (€ 4.99 the set of three).

Hydrate with style

Jug with glass (€ 9.99).

In head

Braided rattan headboard (€ 49).

Kind ways

Stands for jewelry (€ 6.99 the set of three) glass.


Bowl for jewelry (€ 2.50) glass.

In tray

Round stand for jewelry (€ 9.99).

All in half light

Candles without perfume (€ 3.99 the set of two).

Natural smell

Candles with perfume (€ 7.99 the set of two).

Between cottons

Cotton duvet cover for double bed (€ 69.99).

Green hope

Cotton duvet cover for single bed (€ 49.99).