Decorate your house with natural motifs and plants

Decorate your house with natural motifs and plants

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Advertising - Keep reading below Lavender on blinds and cushions

Coordinates are a great decorative resource. There is no more to see these, which reproduce the lavender flower in colors and prints on Sanderson fabrics (in Gancedo). What a beautiful country look!

Join the greenmanía

Create a slow corner in which to study or review the agenda of the day: paint the wall in green and make a still life with pictures of pressed sheets, photographs and botanical drawings. Parlane inspires this relaxing environment.

Flower centers, do not miss!

Large bouquets, small buqués, or just a flowery wand: floral ornaments embellish your home. Do not deprive yourself and put them in all rooms and on any occasion, not only at your party tables, but also in the newspaper, like this one of the Parlane firm.

Sculptural varieties

A stylized palm, an exuberant Adam's rib, a brilliant ficus ... Large, splendid and striking plants. Surround yourself with them and little else. Copy this simple proposal from Bloomingville and you will succeed.

Create still lifes with pots

Straw, wicker, glass, ceramics, mud: use containers of different materials and in different sizes and accompany your plants with candles (Zara Home), stones, conches ... You will create beautiful compositions.

Plants that climb the walls

Wallpaper sweeps decoration and plant motifs are a hit. With it you can imagine any scenery, for example, a midcentury corner like this. It has been decorated with a model of the MissPrint brand (in Pepe Peñalver) that puts fresh air in the house.