A spacious flat full of design

A spacious flat full of design

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Open and comfortable spaces; in the reform of this old Madrid apartment, located next to the Retiro Park, some original elements were left visible, others were restored and, as a counterpoint, more current notes were included. The set is harmonious. Of one elongated floor housing with compartmentalized rooms and an excess of partitions, the architect Blanca San Martín reorganized the 105 m2 in a common area that share kitchen, living room, dining room and office; a hall, distributor hall, two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The owners have taken care of the decoration and choice of each of the pieces of furniture, a design mix.

For greater functionality, living room, dining room and kitchen follow one another in the common area from the house, where life is shared daily, and on special occasions, with friends and family. It has been located on the exterior facade of the building, bathed by natural light, at the opposite end of the hall. The rest of the spaces follow each other until they reach the entrance. The architect designed an angled wall in one of the bedrooms so that the hall gained in amplitude and thus avoid the sensation of a tube in the access to the floor. Through a distributor aisle, which flows into the living room, the bedrooms and the toilet are organized.

The master bedroom has been conceived as a spacious suite, with a cupboard front and an integrated bathroom, which has two sinks, a shower and the toilet, independent in a glass cabin. Distributive solutions and current finishes in an apartment that, as far as decoration is concerned, stands out for its collection of iconic design pieces of the last century.

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The living area boasts the mix of styles: two-seater sofa, steel chairs, armchairs with wooden structure, a pouf, two side tables in glass and steel, glass coffee table and carpet with animal print.

Table, pouf, candlestick and vase, from BoConcept. On a sofa armrest, work of the plastic artist Isabella Faraone. Carpet, for sale at Zara Home.

Past and present

The mixture of objects from different eras and styles takes effect. The pieces tell stories and add a decorative plus. The pair of vintage armchairs, with wooden structure, comes from a flea market in Copenhagen. Yellow cushion, from Habitat.

A triumphal entry

A narrow space has been solved with a light piece of furniture. In return, natural light floods everything. Console, of Habitat. Mirror, from Villa Victoria. The damajuana has become a table lamp handmade.

Environments that go on

No visual or architectural barriers. The dining room is located near the kitchen and in front of a window -original of the house and restored in the reform-, by which you access a balcony; Since it is a privilege to see the city come alive every morning.

A table set

A good menu deserves a kitchenware and gourmet glassware. Tablecloth and road, Habitat. Antique silver cutlery Marly, by Christofle.
Cups, from Country Home Santa Fe.

Yes to the unit!

The oak wood floor, by Grato Parquet, unifies the entire house. It is only replaced by a stoneware in the main bathroom. Black and white photographs, taken by María Parrado, and superimposed on an old shutter.

The terrace

Table and chairs in iron and wood, from Ikea. Cushions, from Zara Home.

To work!

A pillar seen, which was necessary to respect in the reform, is used to delimit the space of the work corner. A board on borriquetas fits between the column and the wall.

In parallel, books and other elements are organized in two industrial metal shelves, some of them of special value to the owners.

Sofa, blue and flexo velvet cushions, from BoConcept.

Time to eat

One of the premises of the reform was to achieve a functional distribution, more comfortable and very current, where light flowed and with interconnected common areas. A bar delimits the kitchen and acts as a passage to the dining room, decorated only with a table, chairs and a lamp.

The table is a recovered outdoor design. Chairs, in Superstudio. The natural fiber carpet is made by Murcia artisans.

A total white kitchen

Designed by the architect and manufactured by Muebles Ojeda, in matt white melamine with integrated aluminum handles and 3 cm thick countertop, which flies on one side as a breakfast bar.

Appliances, from Siemens. On the countertop, Corian, trays, red cans for spices and tea towels, Habitat.

Wooden stools, adjustable in height, from Ikea. On the radiator, in gray painted cast iron, wall clock Real wall clockfrom Zelco.

The details

The front that separates the work area from the dining room, of a special width, houses several low modules with doors on both sides: cabinets and drawers in the kitchen and lower-sideboard sideboard with opening from the dining room.

The original floor of hydraulic tiles was maintained in the kitchen area. Next to the extractor hood, two Tolomeo lamps, by Artemide.

Very in: less is more

The bedroom enjoys the freshness that is given light and basic furniture and natural light. A prudent mixture -white and wood- and very harmonious - a tuning of base neutrals with brush strokes in color - personalizes the suite.

Cushions, Zara Home and BoConcept, such as the carpet, the wooden staircase and the pink blanket.

Practical solutions

When the bedside table is small, opt for a hanging or wall lamp to leave the surface clear. Aluminum color switches, from the German brand Gira.

No doors

The bedroom has a large built-in wardrobe with custom interiors and doors in white lacquered wood.

The night gallant and the leather stool come from antique dealers. In the bathroom: toilets, Roca.


From here you can access the bathroom and between both rooms the toilet is located in a translucent glass cabin.

The oak wood of the washbasin cabinet clarifies the cement effect of the coverings. On the wall, a piece of furniture with mirror doors. Everything, made to measure.

Series faucet Picture, from the firm Tres Taps.

Blank and wood

In the guest bathroom, in addition to the shower,
the toilet and washbasin cabinet, it has
earned a space for a closet - located in front of the sink - that hides the washer, dryer and heater.

All the walls have been covered with a matt white hexagonal glass tile, of the signature Keops.

Accessories in natural wood and green towels, from Habitat.

Make space profitable

In the reform numerous warehouse solutions were projected. In the guest bathroom, behind the entrance door, a hidden closet
the washer, dryer and heater.

Lighting project

- In this house the choice of each point of light has been taken care of. The original ceilings, about 3 meters high, have been lowered 10 cm to recess halogen lamps, specifically, the Cardan model, for sale in Olive Lamps.

- Indirect lighting pits have been built with LED strips on the ceiling of the living room, hall and hallway, where wall spotlights have also been installed. Round spotlights have been embedded around the floor column.

- In the main bathroom the objective was to create an intimate atmosphere with indirect light. For this, LED strips have been placed on the perimeter of the wall mirror and under the washbasin cabinet. On the roof, recessed strips.