Discover how to fill life and change the style of a room with accessories

Discover how to fill life and change the style of a room with accessories

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Nuria Serrano

Before: A very bright and quite spacious space, but bare, it is only furnished.

The coffee table, model Listerby, brings together a three-seater sofa, model Grönlid, with white cover and rocking chairs, model Grönadal. Everything from Ikea. Nuria Serrano

But it is easier than it seems to fill a soulless room with accessories that dress and personalize. These were all the guidelines.

Enhance the light The first decorative purpose has been to take advantage of the natural lighting that enters through the large windows. For this, they have been covered with ultralight blinds that clarify the intensity, without subtracting the clarity. The choice has been right, because, in addition, the blinds can be collected at different heights and regulated in this way the entrance of natural light.

Corbright and warm lords. The color palette is also aimed at reinforcing the light. Walls, ceiling and floor are light colors and white dominates the furniture. Light wood is the color that complements it and is perfect to temper an environment that could be a bit cold without the warm notes of natural tone.

Comfortable and light furniture. Very simple but very charming. The vast majority were acquired in Ikea. These are inexpensive pieces that weigh little, so they can move easily. In addition, practicality has been sought, so the sofa has a white cover, to wash it without problem when necessary. It can also be replaced in the winter months with one of a darker color. As for the library, it is a multipurpose piece of furniture, since it also acts as a storage cabinet, since the lower part is closed with doors.

After: A super cozy being

Baskets for plants, Very Much. Nuria Serrano

The library is adorned with objects from Zara Home and Ikea. From here also the poufs come Sandared, picture Pjätteryd and the carpets Lohanls and Lönholt.

On the table, Stilren candle holders and Citronsa white zinc planter; The one standing is the Citronmeliss. Everything from Ikea. Nuria Serrano

The fresh atmosphere fills with color with pink flower cushions Rosenflox; The rose sticks are the Aina, and the smooth green, Ullkaktus

Plants, of Los Peñotes, on the bench Stockholm. On the little table, wicker lantern Knixhult… How beautiful! From Ikea. Nuria Serrano Nuria Serrano

Decorative keys

Very cheerful textiles The cushions put the sparkle, the color, the spring motifs and also good doses of romanticism with its pink, green, fuchsia tones ... economic details that look a lot.

Vegetal fibers. They carry more than ever, both indoors and outdoors: jute, cane, wicker, esparto, sisal ... The furniture made of fibers adds a warm and transform the environments.

Summer rugs Who said they are only for winter? Look how well they look in a living room as summer as this one. Of course, they were chosen from jute, although sisal, esparto, cotton are also appropriate ... Overlapping, they provide dynamism and do not give heat.

PlAntas, flowers and ornaments. Sculptural palm trees, small trees, cacti, candles, lanterns ... fill the atmosphere with a pleasant smell and very good vibes. May you never miss your home!

Nuria Serrano

Jute rugs, natural material, recyclable and very warm. The poufs, with woven covers and available in different shades, have non-slip on the bottom so they do not slip when sitting on them.