Holidays begin on your terrace

Holidays begin on your terrace

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Courtesy of IKEA

In an ideal world, our vacations would be the same as those of children, that is, from June to September. Unfortunately, the universe of adults is somewhat more complicated (and stressful), and sometimes we cannot afford two weeks of relaxation in a row. Sure it sounds to you, right?

In those cases, instead of resorting to easy crying or getting into bed as a teenager sulking for a hormonal trip, we propose something different: change the decoration of your terrace or balcony, designing a new environment that invites you to take advantage of the sun's rays . In this way, you will not only rejoice the expression of your face, you will also understand how important it is to take advantage of our own resources (which are sometimes the best option).


Courtesy of IKEA

If you thought you could go out on the tangent with the excuse of the little space, we are disappointed, because whatever your terrace or balcony is, there is an ideal way to decorate them!

In the case of mini corners, the ideal is to opt for folding furniture. In this way, you can save it when you do not use it, and it will not disturb the view or hinder the step. The ASKHOLMEN family (€ 60) has a cozy set consisting of a table and two folding wooden chairs, which fit in any style and are fully customizable.


Courtesy of IKEA

Setting the table beautiful is not just choosing some cute dishes and a shiny cutlery. Setting the table beautiful requires a lot of attention to small details, and when it comes to dinner, even more.

And is that the intimate environments cry out for a calm and warm lighting. Something you will get with a lantern like TOPPIG (€ 14.99), where you can place your favorite candle and surprise your guest ... 😉


Courtesy of IKEA

If you are lucky enough to have a terrace that some would confuse with a sky bar, sure that this summer you plan to mount a few homemade festivities. If so, you better go teaching on-line to learn the tricks of the best bartender, and that you invest in a spacious and cozy sofa, but also weatherproof as SOLLERÖN (€ 700).


Courtesy of IKEA

The rise in temperatures is not compatible with spoon menus, so you better say goodbye to cooking until September, and welcome sushi. To get the freshness to be totally effective and invade every part of your body, get a tableware made of natural materials such as bamboo, such as the BLANDA MATT bowl (€ 10), and don't forget the chopsticks!


Courtesy of IKEA

Returning to the topic of having a party on the terrace, is there anything more tedious than having to go to the kitchen every two to fill the jugs of water and drinks? The answer is obvious. Instead of hiring a service of waiters who are pending at all times, why not put some boats with a tap like FÖRFRISKNING (€ 19.99), with a capacity for 5 liters, and forget about it?


Courtesy of IKEA

In the same way that you do not conceive of the summer without sun, you should not conceive of your terrace without a space full of cushions like MÄRTASTINA (€ 5), on which you can lie down to the bartola. It will be like being in an environment chill out, with the tranquility that only the home can offer you. Do the test!


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