A tree house built by forest fairies

A tree house built by forest fairies

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Courtesy Trip Advisor

Located in the State of Washington, Orcas Island is perfect for enjoying nature in its purest form, and in addition to its wonderful forests, one of the activities that most attract tourists is to contemplate the whales while they sail the seas to their whim. But in such a magical environment you could not miss a house like the one you are about to see ... It is known as The Hobbit House, and it doesn't surprise us, because it seems just out of the Middle Earth.

Built on top of a tree, this refuge in the middle of the forest enjoys enviable sea views, but the most impressive are the windows that surround the wooden house, more typical of a fairy tale than the real world.

And the best of all? Than you can rent it for nights directly from here.

Photos and information: Trip Advisor

Advertising - Keep reading below Sleeping with the fairies

The bedroom has an integrated lounge the beautiful sea in purple tones ... the color of magic!

A cozy retreat

Wood brings that touch of warmth so irresistible.

One step away from the trees

There is nothing like a very comfortable bed to enjoy nature in conditions.

The most relaxing bath

If paradise exists, it has to be in this bathroom ...

Who needs a spa?

With such a bathtub, you may not want to leave the house.

Warm wood

This bathroom is the perfect definition of style rustic-chic-fairy (which we just invented).

A kitchen to prepare magical sweets

The fairies will wait anxiously for you to prepare a few sweets in this dream kitchen.

The house of the story Courtesy Trip Advisor

You can take pictures of the house, because when you tell the experience to your friends, they will not believe you!

Nature and relax

If you don't relax in this environment, you can forget about the tilas!

Like a lighthouse at night

Anyone who sees this tower in the middle of the night, will think that he has just arrived in the country of Never again.

At dusk

Imagine having dinner outdoors while watching the dusk in the forest ...

Stairway to heaven

The wooden stairs look like a toy, but they are very real and are part of the charm of this refuge!

The ideal way to contemplate trees

Open your eyes and see ... this. Simply wonderful.