Keys to living in an ecological house

Keys to living in an ecological house

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Make a selective waste separation at home such as paper, glass, containers and organic waste, and deposit them in the corresponding container for recycling, reflects our commitment to the environment. And, in terms of recycling in Spanish homes, the numbers continue to grow; While in 2012 the recycling rate was 70.3% in domestic containers, in 1998 it was only 4.8% according to Ecoembes. To improve data and change an indifferent attitude for another green, it would be enough to be more aware that every time we recycle a container, it is avoided that new raw materials are extracted, therefore, consumption is reduced of water and energy and the emission of polluting gases, causes of climate change.
Recycling is protecting the planet, but much more can be done, starting with knowing your home better, finding out its weak points and reflecting on your daily life. In a house that was built a few years ago, it is possible to decide, but it is possible to improve the facilities to save energy and water, and make it a living green. For example, With insulating material on walls, floors and ceiling and with double glazed windows, you will save on heating and air conditioning. Eco or bioclimatic houses contribute to energy and economic savings. You will find more information at, a company specialized in this type of reforms.
In the day to day there are eco-gestures that can be done at home to reduce water and energy consumption. Among them, use the water to clean the vegetables to water the plants; get used to completely turning off electronic devices, such as audio and video equipment and computers, and not leaving them in stand by, because they continue to consume energy; open the refrigerator the essential time; print only what is necessary, and two-sided; install a programmable thermostat so as not to abuse the heating, and adjust the temperature according to the time of day, the use of the rooms and their orientation. It is important remember it because for each degree of more, consumption increases by 7% approx. You will find more useful tips on // Download your guides and start making consumption decisions to take care of our planet and your pocket.

Advertising - Keep reading below Eco-friendly lounge

The sustainable architecture, respectful with the environment, incorporates recycled materials for doors, windows and coverings, among others, without neglecting the aesthetics. In this Mallorcan house, the beams are demolished and the window was made with treated old wood. Draft, of Valiente and Zirón Arquitectos

Plants that purify the air

Decorate your house with them, as was done in this dining room, because they are beautiful, and also healthy. In the air we breathe at home there are suspended substances, potentially harmful, emanating from everyday objects such as lacquers and varnishes, textiles, plastics and electronic equipment, among others. They are VOCs, volatile organic components. In addition to daily good natural ventilation
At home, it has been proven that indoor plants act as effective filters and sinks for these substances. Search the ten floors considered with greater power of purification of the air and, at the same time, of easy maintenance in //

Eco-design armchair

Where does the wood of this armchair come from? Of forests with responsible and sustainable environmental management. Find out before you buy; There are more and more designs with an environmental certificate. Armchair New round, from Andreu World (from € 675).

Green wood table

Design and respect for the environment merge into this table Alone, of La Forma, with measures of 80 x 35 cm (€ 347 in Its wood comes from a forest with sustainable management.

Pallets and laminates

The ground you step on, is it ecological? Firms such as Quick-Step market pallets and laminates with environmental certificates that prove it. There is more information in your web //, Environment tab. In this dining room, they alternate laminated of the collections Eligna Y Eligna Wide (€ 22.65 / m2).

To be clear

Choose white or other light colors for walls and ceiling, because its surface propagates natural light and illuminates the interiors. No lamps lit hours and hours! In this bedroom, even the bedding is white. I usually laminated, from Pergo, with certificate green PEFC (

Natural light and electricity consumption

The sun is a source of light and is free! By day, do not turn on unnecessary lamps, you will consume less electricity and save money. And in spaces without a window, such as hallways, bathrooms, corridors, dressing rooms, ironing rooms ... use a glazed bay or a partition wall
of glass, which allows the passage of sunlight.

Radiators what the face!

It is recommended never to cover them, because their effectiveness decreases. They can be better integrated into the decoration if a niche is made on the wall so that they do not protrude or when they are painted in the same tone, as was done in this kitchen. Chair Y blindness for sale in Canterano. The interior design It is signed by Sagrario Escribano.

Ecological paints

They are those that stand out for their low VOC content, volatile organic components potentially harmful to health. The paintings the water Xylazel Healthy Air, from Xylazel, they are (€ 13/750 ml approx.). They have a range suitable for children's environments, with slate effect; and another, for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.

LED lamp LED bulb From ladder to shelf Rocking chair recovered and supportive

Restored, so that it remains useful. Is a rocking chair, de L'estoc, a new shop-workshop where those responsible for transforming obsolete materials and furniture are people with intellectual disabilities (€ 575).

The glass is recycled ...

Crystal is a 100% recyclable material, with an infinite cycle of use. Do not throw bottles, jars or glass jars in organic waste; deposit them in the green container of the street. Attention, glasses and window panes have a different composition than the glass of the containers; They should be taken to a Clean Point. More information in These damajuanas were acquired in Madrid's Rastro.

Wardrobe with revival look

Games, school and sports equipment, footwear ... everything fits in these kitchen furniture from the sixties and seventies. To be useful again, they just needed a few tweaks and a vibrant turquoise color. The closet high, in sheet metal, and the cupboard-fridge, in wood, they were restored by Paola Gómez for DelGallo. Painted paper, of Coordonné.

A duo with solera

A unique corner with recovered pieces. The antique furniture, which comes from India, was used to store the types in the printing presses, and the picture on it is, in fact, a decorated shutter. Interior design, Ricardo de la Torre.

In the bathroom, change your mindset

Do you use the sink, toilet and shower well? While you lather your hands, turn off the tap; and for brushing teeth, with a glass is enough. In toilets, get used to using the double cistern, 3 and 6 liters, and never use it as a wastebasket. Respect
to the shower, a 5-minute one needs 100 liters with a normal sprayer, and 50 liters with a saver, equipped with a flow reducer. Handwash Bowl, of Roca (€ 205), about worktop blue, from Silestone. Tiles, from Porcelanosa. Reform, Project Interior Architecture.

Tap to save hot water

For greater hot water savings
the tap chrome plated L20, from Roca, it offers a front opening in cold water (€ 79.50) and has an aerator to consume less water.

Solidarity toys

Donate, give away or exchange what your children no longer use and, if you buy, do it with a head. Parents, with their whims, must also set an example. In, Asociación Adelita and Creciclando you will find more information. And in You can donate your old console for hospitalized children.

On purchase, with style

Your next shopping bag, It is made of recyclable material ... Avoid plastic bags. You'll find carrycot similar to this one in

Habits in the kitchen, from Monday to Sunday

Reducing energy consumption is easy, if you change some habits. Open the oven only when necessary because, did you know that every time you open the door, 20% of the accumulated energy is lost? Change the wash temperature, for example, from 40 ° C to 15 ° C and you will have reduced energy consumption by half. And if you are going to buy an appliance, observe its mandatory energy label, which informs about the energy and water consumption values ​​of the appliance. Kitchen, from Deulonder.

Fridge, optimal preservation

Making a weekly or even biweekly purchase is becoming more frequent, and therefore, it is key to choose a refrigerator that provides optimal food preservation for longer. You should know that it is recommended to set the temperature of the refrigerator at 5ºC and the freezer at -18ºC. For every degree you lower the temperature, there is up to 5% more consumption. Fridge ZRA40400WA Y freezer ZFU27400WA, from Zanussi, both with A + efficiency (€ 599 each).

My iron with eco function

Some tips for an eco-ironing: iron when there is a lot of clothes and not a few clothes. Start with the garments that require more heat and, almost at the end, unplug the device and take advantage of the accumulated heat. Ironing center, Rowenta, with function Echo, which saves up to 30% energy (€ 289.99).

Efficient washing machine

This washing machine, with A +++ label, offers maximum energy efficiency. It incorporates a program Anti-allergies and a function Steam, so that the laundry comes out less wrinkled.
You avoid ironing so much and save energy.
Model NA-140VS4, from Panasonic (€ 899).


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