How to take the best photos of your food dishes

How to take the best photos of your food dishes

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Have you ever wondered why there are accounts of foodies on Instagram with so many followers, and others with so few? Here are some tips to be a professional in the art of #foodography 👇

We must keep in mind that Instagram is a social network where the visual premium. And this means that a beautiful and well-composed image will always enjoy more success than another taken without paying attention to details (to reach more people, you should not forget to add the hashtags (#) relevant, related exclusively to the content you are sharing).

2nd One of the most important things is that you take good care of the background of the image, that is, you choose the tableware well. If you are going to photograph a dessert You can opt for a neutral background, such as a wooden table that brings that rustic touch so irresistible. Although you can also play with the retro aesthetic and place the plate on a pastel background. The cutlery is also very important, so get your best spoons and forks to shine!

Never fill the plate with food. As far as photos are concerned, minimalism is preferable to maximalism. In this way, the composition will be pleasing to the eye, refined, and you will highlight much more the appearance of the food.

4th Another element that will turn your photo into a real success, is the decoration of the plate, always with pleasure and using the ingredients of the recipe. Come on, if you are going to photograph a piece of homemade pizza seasoned with oregano, do not put bay leaves no matter how cute they are in the image.

And now, take out your mobile and capture our card from your Instagram account and don't miss our best photos 📸😉

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