The five keys of green roofs

The five keys of green roofs

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The big cities are surrendering to the charm of these beautiful roofs full of benefits for everyone: for the environment, for us, for animal life ... Increasingly, the roofs of all types of constructions are covered with vegetation that favors good praxis Ecological that our planet needs. If you still do not know all its advantages, we will tell you.

1. Waterproofing

The truth is that green roofs have many more benefits in the field of waterproofing than traditional roofs. Not only do they maintain an average temperature of 25 degrees throughout the year, reducing the impact caused by the temperature difference between seasons, but they also have greater protection against other factors such as strong winds or storms with intense hail.

2. Insulation (thermal and acoustic)

Indeed, sustainable roofs reduce sound pressure by up to 3 decibels, thus improving the sound insulation and quality of life of inhabitants near noisy areas. In addition, thanks to its great impermeability, they are ideal options to reduce the use of traditional energy to heat or cool the house. They avoid marked cooling in winter and warming in summer.

3. Rainwater retention

Having a green roof we will be providing a great solution against, for example, local floods. Rainwater seeps through these systems and will go directly to the sewer systems gradually. Something useful in periods of maximum rainfall.

4. Pollution reduction

Thanks to the vegetation that can grow on our roof we will be helping to reduce the carbon footprint. In just one square meter of these ceilings, about 0.2 kg of dust can be filtered per year. In addition, other particles harmful to our health that are present in the air are also deposited in these covers.

5. Creation of new habitats

It is time to put our grain of sand in the task of rebuilding the lost green areas. Thanks to these covers, many species find a refuge that was virtually lost and that was causing its extinction. In this way, creating an urban green oasis on our roof will help maintain the natural balance that because of malpractice is being so damaged.

Its maintenance is, in the long term, cheaper than conventional ones: the dense vegetation in a special substrate favors that there are no cracks as it can occur in other types of roofs. You can find more information about this innovative and environmentally friendly way of roofing at:


So, if your future plans include the construction of a new home, do not forget these five keys when deciding what your roof will look like.


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