Red and blue room

Red and blue room

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The interior designer Dafne Vijande was in charge of designing this room for two brothers with similar tastes and hobbies. Nail bunk beds, a large playground and a generous warehouse space made it the perfect solution.

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Bunk beds were chosen instead of separate beds to expand the play space. Next to them, a chair serves as an impromptu bedside table. Flag garlands decorate the large window, which overlooks the terrace, and the structure of the bed. Bunk beds, from the Dafne Vijande Studio. Bedding by Lexington. Pennants, from Under the Tree. Carpet, from Berberia. The owners of the room are avid readers. Therefore, what better way to place an adjustable floor lamp so that the light even reaches the upper bunk. A good way to stimulate your hobby.

Support cushions

In addition to the pillow, a pair of cushions on the bed are essential to support the back in their nighttime readings. These have been chosen of different sizes and textures and are removed to the wall when bedtime comes.

Distribution plan

Next to the window, with excellent views, some white structure berths with stairs were arranged. They are accompanied by a chair to match the bunk beds, which acts as a bedside table, and a floor lamp.
A closet serves to deposit the clothes of the two brothers who, being of similar ages, exchange it without problems. In front of the bunk beds, a modular piece of furniture combines drawers and shelves to keep books and toys in order.
3. GAMES AREA. In front of the beds and feet there is enough space for the two brothers to play or read sitting in the armchair, on the carpets or directly on the floor.

Shelves and drawers

Teaching children to keep their room in perfect order is essential. They enjoy the beauty taking out all the toys but collecting them costs them so much! Between two it will surely be more fun. Choose furniture that makes your task easier, such as this practical composition of shelves and drawers designed by the interior designer Dafne Vijande. Carpet, from Berberia. Seesaws, inherited.


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