Tips to look flawless

Tips to look flawless

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Work, children, extra large schedules should not be an excuse; fighting sedentary life requires finding a place to exercise daily, to the extent and intensity appropriate to your age and fitness. Not only will you feel lighter and healthier, you will be, because muscle will replace fat and exercise will strengthen your bones.

There are many options for training at home: mobile applications (look for Kayla Itsines or Anna Victoria) and tutorials on YouTube will mark you specific exercises to achieve your fitness goals.

It is a complete and affordable exercise, you only need appropriate shoes (sports firms will guide you in the search) and a goal to perform. Find a popular 5-7km race to start; crossing the finish line is an infallible motivation.

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Although not always possible, the ideal would be to have a space to deploy all our women's weapons. Having on sight and classified cosmetics helps us to be more consistent and to follow daily routines systematically.

If you do not have a dresser just for you, try to get a hole in the bathroom countertop. You can classify the products in small trays according to their use: cleaning routine, facials, masks etc.

It is also essential to buy make-up cottons, swabs and tissues, which you can store inside beautiful glass containers. In addition, it will be very useful to have mini cotton towels to dry your face or hands after applying your makeup.

In the photo: new range of bathroom accessories, by Maisons du Monde.

Eau de toillette

The new Desigual Eau de Toilette,
Fresh bloom, floral and fruity, we have a very fresh image inspired by its fashion collections and prints for the house (€ 44/100 ml).

Depilatory Wax Bands

Recommended for all skin types when carrying aloe and vitamin E, Babaria's hair removal wax bands are easy to use and very practical (€ 1.95 / box of 16 units).

Beauty products

Around The World Elizabeth Arden is a limited edition of this mythical beauty product that will become your best travel companion. They form it: Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant (€ 35)
and Lip Protectant & Lip Scrub Duo (35 €).

Serum at night

Flavo-C Melatonin, by Isdin, is a night serum formulated with topical melatonin that repairs and prepares the skin after the damage caused by daily oxidative stress (€ 32.95 / 20 ampoules for day and night).

Styling spray

Pelazo that you can not imagine with this revolutionary hairstyle spray that gives volume and body to the hair instantly (€ 29); It belongs to the Full line of Living Proof.

New masks

Clarins' new SOS masks arrive for
You recover your beauty in 10 minutes. Called Hydra, Pure and Comfort: to moisturize, rebalance and soothe the skin (€ 40 each).

Body scrub

Natura Siberica, formulated with natural products, presents its new line Copenhagen, which adapts to the needs of all skin and hair types. It includes the energizing body scrub Tsar Mulberry, which renews the skin (€ 10.20).

Ask for an appointment this month

For a few months the renowned hairdresser Carlos Oliveras has a Hair Spa in Madrid; There you can enjoy multiple treatments to recover all the beauty of your hair in a deluxe environment.

I recommend, for the holidays, to try Pure Fille, a ritual that restructures and regenerates the hair fiber thanks to the antioxidant power of Goji berries, or hair peeling, an exfoliation of the scalp to eliminate dead cells, product waste, etc. Oliveras C / Almirante, 28. Madrid. Telephone: 917 373 800.