Mirror effect

Mirror effect

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The architect Blanca San Martín was responsible for the reform of this square floor bathroom and integrated into the bedroom. It was distributed in three distinct areas: the washbasins, the shower and the toilet, with glass enclosure.


The bathrooms with a difficult layout require furniture outside the standard size. In this case, the custom furniture They fit the space like a glove.

The coldness of the ceramic tiles chosen in a cement tone was compensated with the warmth of the noble wood furniture.

To create an intimate atmosphere with indirect light, we have chosen to place recessed spotlights and LED strips, in sight, on the ceiling and, hidden, on the perimeter of the mirror and under the washbasin cabinet.

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The flown furniture of the washbasin, in oak and without handles, contrasts with the cement effect of the coverings. On the countertop rest two exempt sinks with wall taps. In the front a practical piece of furniture with mirror doors was placed and, on the right, the shower with glazed enclosure. Everything, made to measure. Sanitary, of Roca. Taps, from Tres Taps.

Translucent glass cabin

Between both environments the toilet was installed, located in a translucent glass cabin that guarantees its independence. Galán y stool, antique dealer.

Bathroom in the bedroom

The bathroom is perfectly integrated into the bedroom. Different types of soil indicate access to one or another space.

Bathroom layout

1. Double sink. Two exempt models were placed
on a piece of wood furniture, made to measure. A storage module with mirror doors that visually enlarge the space was arranged on the wall. On the ground, a
Simple jute rug is the only decorative element in this area.
2. Shower cabin. Perpendicular to the sinks and the shower was installed near the window; of work and with a black stone plate, it was protected with a glass screen.
3. toilet. The toilet was located between the sink area and the bedroom, and to give it greater privacy, it was closed in a cabin with a translucent glass door.


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