A house to rest

A house to rest

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The innate sensitivity of its owner, the interior designer Sylvia Melián -of the Melián-Aguilar studio- Powered by that trade that gives the experience are reflected in every detail of this house.

The Cadiz urbanization of Sotogrande in which it is located was the perfect enclave to plan, with care, a second residence in which Sylvia could take refuge from the accelerated pace of life of our day. The tranquility of the area and the desire to recover the good moments he lived during childhood in that same land were decisive to embark on a personal and very rewarding project.

Away from any claim and the dictates of the latest trends, decided to plan the decoration as a compilation of furniture, paintings and memories that he had accumulated over the years. A faithful reflection of those small pieces that allowed her to reconstruct the most gratifying moments of her life.

Intense colored fabrics bought in Tangier share space with details acquired at the Paris Flea Market and with antiques from Portobello Road in London. Next to them, furniture stands out, which seduced Sylvia from an Andalusian market or in the back room of a local chamarilero.

Paintings, a collection of which the interior designer feels especially proud, they play a fundamental role in decoration, exposed in combinations that revalue and give interest to selected corners of the house, such as the dining room or the guest bedroom. Sylvia Melián took care, also personally, of the design of wooden shelves and bookcases that treasure favorite books. Elements, all of them, that are integrated into a project of which the architects Miguel Ángel and Joaquín Mier. The result is an excellent example of the possibilities of decoration when humanized and the house is transformed into a house with soul.

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The combination of pieces of different style is the key to decorating the living area. The white tones of upholstery and furniture unify the pieces of provenance. The cushions, in the red range, warm the environment. Sofa, by Chisel. Cushions, from the Meridiana store. Coffee table Joe, from Nik's Project. Pouf, from Merc & Cía. Chest, acquired in a street market. Linen curtains, from Lienzo de los Gazules.

Every piece of furniture and detail acquired on trips,

Leave your mark. Thanks to them, the environments reflect part of a personal story and become evocative and forthcoming.

On the porch

The possibility of enjoying the magnificent Cadiz climate led to the organization of an area under a roof, open to the terrace, which serves both as a living room and as a dining room. A ceiling fan and a roller blind guarantee the optimum temperature, even on warmer days.

Charming outdoor furniture

Rondeño Bank, by Juan Andrés. Mesa, from Meridiana. Cushions made with colorful fabrics bought in Tangier.

Details that decorate the outdoor dining room Dinning room

Located next to the living area, it is striking for the original combination of the chairs, lined up on two fronts: the red seats were bought at the Sabanillas market, in the town of Manilva in Malaga, and the green ones were purchased at Southern France Mesa, from Nik's Project. Ceiling lamp, from Youtopia.

Art in the dining room

On the back wall, the paintings are works by Chema Madoz, Rafa Agredano and Ricardo Cadenas.

Game of contrasts

The exoticism of the Chinese polychrome furniture, with exquisite details such as the glass urn or the round mirror with leaves, coexists in harmony with the kitchen. This was planned with practical criteria and furnished with white cabinets. Polychrome furniture, from Meridiana. Urn with a coral, from Kashmir. Mirror, from Youtopia. Kitchen by Larmon.

Main bedroom

The white color of the coverings and the bedding is a discreet background that gives all the prominence to several unique pieces. Like the octagonal wall mirror or the furniture that play the role of bedside tables: a small staircase to the left of the bed and a bookcase down to the right. Ladder, from La Europea. On her, flexo Tizio, of Light Years. Turquoise shelving, from Modern Times.

Guest room

The two beds share the same bedside table. To make it a little wider than usual, a folding garden table was chosen. On top two flexos were placed. Each of the beds, dressed in striped bedspreads, was given its own entity with a crocheted plaid, in the case of the first, and a buti in red tones. The wall where the beds are supported was decorated with a rectangular composition based on pictures of different size and shape. Lantern on the roof, by Meridiana.

Guest room

Striped bedspreads from Meridiana. Mesa, from La Europea. Flexos Tolomeo, for sale in Light Years.

A fair dose of boldness allows you to combine different materials

and designs of different styles to create spaces that captivate by their character.


The white color of the walls gives a sense of continuity and becomes a conductive thread throughout the whole house.
The walls become vitally important as frames and original mirrors that play a prominent role in the decoration of the house.