Everything you need to know about the famous green juice

Everything you need to know about the famous green juice

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Its mix of vegetables and fruits, in addition to delicious, is extremely energetic and nutritious. To prepare a good green juice you will need a blender where you can chop and mix all the ingredients well. An ice crusher is another appliance that comes great to add freshness to this drink.


In addition to water (better very cold or with crushed ice), this drink lacks sugar and consists of green leafy vegetables and fruits.

Spinach, lettuce and celery are some vegetables that you can add to your drink. Among the fruits, the mixture of these vegetables with the banana, apple and pear will make it delicious.


This green juice is ideal to add nutrients to the body and oxygenate them. You should not use it as a meal replacement, but as a supplement. For example, at breakfast time or as a mid-morning snack. It is perfect for providing energy and also a good satiety.

You can add some cinnamon, stevia or maca powder as natural condiments. And if you still want to know more about the preparation of trendy juice, in this link you will find more details to reinvent the drink of the moment. Test it!