What variety of cheese do you prefer?

What variety of cheese do you prefer?

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Nuria Serrano

European cheeses have become popular in kitchens around the world. Know them better!

President, Societé, El Ventero and Galbani cheeses. Nuria Serrano


- Parmesan. The texture of this excellent Italian cheese is hard and sandy. It can be taken in flakes as an appetizer, or grated on pasta, soup, risotto ...

- Mozzarella. It is made with buffalo milk. It is very fatty, it eats fresh or tender. Essential in pizzas and caprese salad.

- Cheddar Of English origin, the more ripe, the more flavor. Very rich in sandwiches, hamburgers and to accompany nachos.

- Emmental. Swiss cheese with large holes, hard texture and soft and fruity flavor. To taste sliced ​​or enrich purees and meat pies.

- Roquefort Strong smell and taste characterize this French blue cheese. Perfect to eat alone, spread or make sauces.

- Brie. Very soft, creamy and soft. Its moldy bark is edible. A touch of truffle enhances and enriches it.

- French Coulommiers Its home-made pasta, soft, fine and non-fluid, has a peculiar sweet almond flavor. It is cooked like brie in croquettes, canapés, crostini…

- Snack à la française. Superfine crust and tender and soft paste. It can be enjoyed on a cheese board, as an appetizer, in salad or lightly melted on a toast with serrano ham.

- Special for iron. You can also cook in the oven, without the need for oil. It is ideal for healthy, simple and fast dinners: round trip.


- Nipple. Pale yellow and soft and creamy texture with acidic touches. This Galician cheese marida marvelous with albariño or ribeiro and is a luxury dessert with quince and nuts.

- Manchego It is produced with milk from sheep of the La Mancha race. Depending on its aging period, it can be semi-cured, cured and old. Slightly acidic flavor, strong and tasty. Delicious in sausage tables or as a dessert.

The more cured the cheese, the less lactose it contains, unlike in the case of fat.


About 750 varieties are made in this European country. It is a product of excellent quality, rich flavor and respect for the environment. Of the Swiss cheeses The best known are Appenzeller, Sbrinz AOP and Emmentaler AOP.


Camembert cheese is a creamy cheese, Very suitable to serve hot and flavored with herbs, such as rosemary. The recipe we suggest is from the English chef Jamie Oliver. Is about A skewer of cheese and bread. It is very easy to make and is fancy as a snack, if you have guests.

You can accompany it with chopped nuts and fruits such as white grapes, currants, blueberries ...

This is how it is done. Preheat the oven to 180º C. Remove the "lid" of the cheese leaving the cream in sight. Peel and chop a garlic and put it in the cheese. Add virgin olive oil, defolish the rosemary on top and bake for 15-20 minutes. Meanwhile, brush the bread with a little olive oil and put it in the oven next to the cheese until it is toasted and crispy. Split into pieces, spread them on skewer sticks, and voila!

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