Dolly Parton will launch a decoration collection

Dolly Parton will launch a decoration collection

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There is no doubt: 2019 is the year of Dolly Parton. In addition to releasing a TV show on Netflix called Heartstrings, which will address the history and inspiration behind the singer's most famous songs; It has also opened a new extension in its theme park chain, Dollywood (the name says it all); And now, he has just announced a multi-year contract with the IMG company, to create his personal line of household products.

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The collection will include, in addition to decoration, fashion, jewelry and accessories. All this, obviously, under the unique style of the artist. Meanwhile, we can only enjoy your most beautiful songs ...

Dolly Parton fan shopping

Pure inspiration

€ 19.75 on Amazon


Let's cook!

9,66 € on Amazon


Bottle opener

13,77 € on Amazon


Dolly time

24,99 € on Amazon


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