A flirty corner table for a small terrace

A flirty corner table for a small terrace

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No space on the balcony or on your mini terrace? That has a solution! This craft is perfect for mini spaces. A corner side table to use as a support for your reading chair or to create a green corner with your favorite plants.

Source: Bosch DIY.

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The materials you will need are:- Wood Ribbons
- Mountain range
- Sandpaper
- Hollow tube (to fill with rope)
- Rope
- Meter and pencil
- Screws and screwdriver

Step 1. Cut the slats

Cut the slats to the extent you require. You will have to cut as many as you want to put on the surface plus those that will make structure (see the first image). Use a saw. Here, the multipurpose saw with Bosch PST 10.8 LI lithium battery has been used.

Step 2. Sand imperfections

To achieve the desired finish, sand the cuts with a sander.

Step 3. Build the table with the slats

Set up or raise your table. It is time to check measurements and fix.

Step 4. Fix with screws and mark the location of the ropes

Fix the boards with screws to the structure and make some holes where the fixing rope will go. Look at the first image how the junction point has been resolved here.

Step 5. Cut the separator tubes

To prepare the suspension system with which to fix the table to the balcony railing, cut a hollow tube as you want it to be between each table top. The tube will stop.

Step 6. Mount the suspension system

Insert the ropes through the tubes and into the holes on the shelf shelves. Then, it only remains to fix the table to the railing.

A DIY, auxiliary, wooden and corner table for the balcony

This will be your side table for the balcony. To make it you need wooden slats and some other material (which we detail below) but the most important thing is that you draw the exact measure of the corner of the balcony with the help of a square, so that it forms a right triangle with two equal sides.


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