Cabinets: where to place them

Cabinets: where to place them

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In the corner, at the entrance, isolated, next to the bathroom ... we propose ingenious solutions to install the cabinets in bedrooms of different distribution, in order to make the most of the space.

Advertising - Read on below 1 Cabinets and desk Spain

Make the space in the bedroom profitable by embedding three closet modules, but leave a free space in the corner to install custom shelving and drawers; Enters the closet doors inside. Then, in "L", put a desk and chair to get a work area.

2 Behind a blind Spain

Take advantage of a dead hole, as in this bedroom in "L" by installing a custom closet, with shelves and hanger bar, and cover it with a blind that replaces the doors and does not take up space. The drawers below are visible as a dresser.

3 Isolated dressing Spain

Stand the bedroom dressing room with a wooden and glass door, dressed in a curtain that gives light and privacy. The interior is melamine with walnut finish.

4 In the passage zone Spain

Take advantage of the access hall to the bedroom by installing a dressing area. To take advantage of the two walls, it has been equipped with parallel cabinets with sliding glass doors, which visually lighten the entire space. From Ikea.

5 Separating zones Spain

In this bedroom it was decided to throw the partition that separated the rest area from that of the bathroom, and thus won a hole to embed a closet with white lacquered doors, which, in turn, serves to delimit the two areas : rest and bath.

6 cabinets facing the bathroom Spain

A wise idea is to embed closets in a small wasted space that gives access to the bathroom. In this hole, in front of the bathroom door, two built-in cabinets arranged in "L" were installed, made to measure with doors in beech finish.

7 folding doors Spain

The cabinets were put on the wall in front of the foot of the bed. To leave more free space in this area, folding wooden doors were chosen, which occupy half that of the folding opening. To decorate them, they found out, on the inside, in the colors of the room.

8 In the corner Spain

Place an exempt cabinet in chamfer, taking advantage of the corner. It has more depth and capacity than a front and serves to separate the seating and desk areas.

9 In an attic Spain

In this attic room the lowest area of ​​the roof was used to put the built-in wardrobes, with sliding doors, perfect for small spaces. The headboard wall was paneled in the wood of the doors.


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