A new apartment with (much) vintage charm

A new apartment with (much) vintage charm

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Doors, the minimum. The idea of ​​getting a open space conditioned the decoration of this Apartment located in Barcelona. It was a newly built house, but its owners decided to make some reforms to adapt it to their concept of spacious house, with spaces connected to each other. With the help of the decorator Silvia Rademakers, They chose to suppress some unnecessary doors.
The first was the one that separated the entrance of the hall. Simply sit in the living area to have the feeling that the house extends to the hall with a depth that multiplies the space.

The second priority of the owners was Organize a dressing room inside your bedroom. To do this, they enabled the adjoining room with floor-to-ceiling cabinets, and suppressed the access door to better integrate into the bedroom. In addition, a window was opened on the wall that separates the rest area from the private bathroom. facilitate the entry of natural light Towards the shower Once the distribution works were finished, the owners focused on decorating the house. For the floor to reflect the intense luminosity that enters through the windows, walls and ceilings were painted white broken.

Aware that clear coatings could give the house a feeling of coldness, the owners turned to the textures to create cozy environments. Fluffy cushions that you want to hug, blankets under which to snuggle and skin rugs to step barefoot achieve warm atmospheres that, in the case of the bedrooms, touch the festive atmosphere thanks to the garlands of fabric. But the decorative elements that most enhance the feeling of intimacy are, without a doubt, those that reflect the personality of their owners: the chandelier in the dining room, to which cheerful screens of different fabrics were added; the old suitcases that, after going through a coat of paint, serve as a side table stacked next to the living room sofa; or the old trunk that at the foot of the bed multiplies the warehouse space with an unexpected pink finish ... Brush strokes that draw a house decorated with ingenuity and much tenderness.

Advertising - Keep reading below A living room with glazed walls

The living area was organized next to the enclosure that allows access to the terrace. The replacement of walls by windows provides extra natural light to the environment. Four curtains, distributed along two bars placed in an L-shape, allow the brightness to be adjusted according to the exterior time and the hours of the day.
Curtains, from Filocolore. Sofa, by Habitat. Coffee table and retro stool, by Little House. The old suitcases were painted by the owner with an aged finish. The armchair with rocker feet is from Foreign Earth.

Lamps with character

The different styles of the floor lamp in the living room and the ceiling model in the dining room, mark the decoration of both environments. The design in the living area, similar to a focus of photography, creates an informal atmosphere. However, the chandelier on the dining room adds solemnity to the set consisting of the table, simple lines, and industrial air chairs.

Lamps, by Little House. Cushions, by Filocolore and Lu Ink. Plaid rose on the sofa, by Filocolore. The carpet is from Coriumcasa.

Succession of openings

The owners removed the door of the hall so that the house was transparent. Its vain, smaller than the one that gives way to the room, creates a curious optical effect, similar to that of Russian dolls that fit inside each other. The living room is completed with a reading corner next to the false fireplace and a retro air work area.

Golden frames, from Little House.

Vintage & Recycled Back to the past

In the living room, the table and chair in the work area were updated with white paint and an aged finish. And, have you noticed the picture? It is a composition of old photos enhanced by a frame with scrolls.

Next to the fireplace ...

The vision of a fireplace enhances the feeling of intimacy. If you would like to have one but your house lacks a shot, turn to a bioethanol fireplace or place only the mouth. Next to her, she places a basket with cushions instead of firewood.

A dining room with its own personality

In the dining room the ceiling lamp is striking, a chandelier model to which the owners added screens of different fabrics to subtract solemnity. On the back wall, a shelf supports children's portraits; on two of them leaned frames that frame the faces of original form. Both the shelf and the portraits are reflected in the rectangular mirror located on the left wall.

Mesa, from India & Pacific. Chairs, from Strange Earth. The chandelier lampshades are from Lu Ink.

Leave a message

They are trendy: they are letters that, according to the order in which you place them on the wall, form the word you prefer. These, suspended from a string and at a different height, give a casual version of the "Love" concept.

Letters, by Coton et Bois.

Sophisticated details

If you want to give your dining room a chic touch, place delicate glass pieces or candy fountains on the table. They will be as decorative as a center, but with a more flirtatious air.

Kitchen with office

A peninsula equipped with the plate and the bell separates the storage area from the dining room. The office was located next to the windows: two symmetrical models that are visually unified by dressing them with a shared blind.

Appliances, from Smeg. Bell, from Siemens. The floor is a slate of Neoceramics.

In white and steel

The kitchen furniture, white, was framed in a stainless steel structure formed by the sides, the countertop and the baseboard. The combination of materials adds a professional air to the environment. However, in the office area a wooden table and chairs with a seat were chosen: two warm materials that enhance a more intimate and cozy atmosphere.

Wooden table, from Mercantic. The chairs were purchased at Sit Down.

The child's room

Silvia Rademakers designed the children's bedroom in blue and mauve tones. The fluffy cushions next to the wall transform Teo's bed into a cozy sofa during the day. Next to the natural light the study area was organized, with a desk and a high chair adapted to the height of the child.

Desk and high chair, Mercantic. From Filocolore: bedspread, cushions, blanket, garland and curtains. The lamps are from Foreign Earth.

Intimate atmosphere in the master bedroom

Wood and textures provide warmth to the master bedroom. Both the wall where the bed rests and the wooden slats, were a design of the owner.

Headboard and bedside table made by Carpintería David. Quilt, from Filocolore. Blanket of hair, from India & Pacific. Dummy, from Little House. Lamps and carpet, from Ikea. The trunk, old, was restored and painted in pink powdered by the owner.

DIY with audacity dose

Any furniture, however old-fashioned it may seem, can have great decorative value. This trunk, dark and old, has become an attractive piece by painting it in powdery pink.

Charming details

Detail of the fabric garland with which the original headboard was decorated.

Garland and cushions, by Lu Ink.

A bathroom with a lot of storage

In the bathroom, designed by Reyes Ventós, a floor-to-ceiling closet and several drawers were included. Their fronts, in tune with the walls, are integrated in such a way that they almost go unnoticed. Only small shooters remember that towels and toiletries are stored here.

Sanitary ware, from Roca. The soil was acquired in Neoceramics.

Optical trick

A wall-to-wall mirror in the bathroom multiplies the space by two, which will seem wider. But be sure to keep it clean or ... it will also multiply the splashes!

Taps, from Dornbracht.

House plan and reform ideas

- Both in the living area and in the dining room, the radiators were located under the windows. To integrate them into the decoration, they were framed with masonry furniture on which mattresses and cushions were placed, by way of running benches. The benches repeated in both environments serve as a common thread between both spaces.

- The parquet did not face the entrance of the light -that is, towards the windows- but in parallel to them. The direction of the tables creates a continuity of the floor between the living room and the dining room, which facilitates the integration of both environments
In the same space. This feeling is enhanced, even more, by replacing the door with a large opening.