Solutions to organize shoes and bags

Solutions to organize shoes and bags

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Shoes, boots and bags are our most precious accessories, and the most difficult to keep in order without putting up with the decoration of a space. A statement that, although very true, does not deter women from acquiring new models every season. The best and most advisable is to find solutions as functional as beautiful, so that our accessories are part of our life and our space. Do not hide them!

If you don't have room for so much shoe, leave them out of the closet, inside their boxes. Shape them with pretty papers and, stacked, they will be fantastic.

If you wear shoes ... look first for a cleaning kit suitable for the material they are made of; If we talk about suede, it will be advisable to apply a stain protection spray. If they are made of laces, make sure that the two ends pass through all the holes so that the pressure is distributed and there are no marks left on the skin.

To save them. Stacked pairs should never be stored; They will deform, sure. Ideally, keep the original box; but if the lack of space prevents us, a good option is the suede covers. For long periods without using, the ideal is to apply a layer of thick bitumen and not brush.

Advertising - Keep reading under Chest of drawers with glass fronts and standing clothes rack

With the right furniture, the hall is a space as good as any other to organize our shoes and bags; The only basic condition is to keep everything in perfect order. Chest of drawers with glass fronts (€ 595), standing clothes rack (€ 440) and lanterns (€ 7.50 and € 9.95). Everything, from the firm Ib Laursen

Bags on eye-catching hangers

Your night models are so beautiful that you are sad to keep them in the closet? Bet on them to decorate a bedroom wall. Your most exclusive selection and striking hangers will give a spectacular result. Bags (from € 17.9) and hangers Flamingo (€ 22.9). Everything from Rice.

Care for your bags

Keeping the bags as the first day will be easy if you keep them in cloth covers - never in plastic -, in a dry and unstacked place, to avoid scratches. In the case of leather ones, it will be necessary to nourish them with cream and polish the buckles with a cloth. Very important not to overload them or expose them to rain.

Boxes with transparent front to store shoes

If you are one of the tidiest people who keep shoes and bags in boxes -as it should be-, you will see that it costs a few lid openings to locate just the pair you are looking for. Identification labels or, better yet, boxes with the transparent front are the solution. In Ikea they sell them from € 3.99 per unit.

Painted metal shoe rack

Your closet is no longer for more? If the shoes coexist in harmony with the underwear and shirts, perhaps the time has come to acquire an exempt shoe cabinet. The best bet is a model with a lot of capacity, but at the same time it looks a careful design, which allows it to be integrated into any environment. Shoemaker Copernic, in painted metal, by Maisons du Monde (€ 399.90).

Bags and purses on the wall

Some bags and purses are so graceful in their design that they could decorate a wall. Why not? Form with them a flirtatious composition and elevate them with a mirror, pictures or any decorative piece you can think of; here the bags are completed with tiles, by Rice.

Cobbler with shelves

You may not have a full empty room for your desired dressing room, but surely a free front does; make the most of it with a modular rail and shelf system. This composition, for example, has a shoemaker and shelves next to the roof for bags.


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