Iron or not iron? That is the question (and debate)

Iron or not iron? That is the question (and debate)

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I confess: Iron. I have never considered why I do it. It may be because it is more comfortable to store clothes like this in the closet, for the pleasure of getting into a bed with plain sheets (wrinkles give me the feeling that they are used) or because my parents taught me to always go with ironed clothes It is a hygiene sample. These reasons do not convince my friends to do it, because I am one of the few (I dare not say the only one, but I think I could) that iron. They argue that it is a waste of time and that the clothes when you put it on "iron themselves and wrinkles go away". I recognize that I have tried to convince them of the benefits of ironing and they have tried to take this task off my list of chores. None has given his arm to twist.

That's how I ironed, like this, like this ... Giphy

A few days ago, one of these friends against the iron sent me a whatsapp with others two arguments I had never thought about: the environmental impact and the social imposition of removing wrinkles from clothes with the iron. As he threw me in the face he explained, The consumption of an iron ranges between 1000W and 3000W per hour, making it one of the most energy-efficient appliances, "and all for the social benefit that lasts for the duration of ironed clothes (that is, a few minutes)." The words "social benefit" lead us to second point: the self-imposed obligation. It is understood that wrinkled clothing is a sign of neglect, but this is a social construction that we have made ourselves. If I stop to think, I know a lot of people, very clean, who have decided not to iron and wear their clothes untouched (although with wrinkles).

My arguments in favor of ironing lying on the ground ... Giphy

After feeling like a horrible person and driven by society, I decided to go to Google and look for reasons to continue ironing. The first one I found was hygiene. The high temperatures of the iron kill bacteria, mites and other microorganisms harmful to health. This reminded me of the story of a friend who never ironed her clothes, until she had a plague of bed bugs at home (don't judge her, it can happen to anyone) and, seeing ways to end them, she discovered that the iron was the best weapon against these undesirable bugs. A reconverted anti-iron that has never replaced the sheets directly from the clothesline to the bed. Another good reason that the defenders of the iron expose is that you are more aware of the clothes you have and pay more attention, So you end up buying less and pollute less (remember that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting in the world). If you iron the clothes according to the label, the fabric does not suffer and you will keep them well organized, so they will last longer.

Lady Gaga is cool and she irons. Giphy

Iron or not iron?

Investigating a topic, rather than answering questions, always leads me to have even more ... Until I solve them (universities, please, put people to investigate this), I have decided to adopt an intermediate point: I will continue ironing sheets and more formal clothes , but I will not iron the clothes of being at home, sports or t-shirts. Yes, I know, I am a savage. I'm also going to start buying only the clothes I need, I'm going to look for brands that don't contaminate and make sure that the clothes that no longer serve me are recycled or reused.

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