A mini floor all in wood

A mini floor all in wood

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María Canosa opens the doors of her special apartment, a warm and personal home for its decoration, basically in wood. María has designed and devised each piece, with the help of a cabinetmaker, to shape the house of her dreams. Here lives our reader.

It is a house located in Bueu, Pontevedra, an eminently sailor town. Therein lies the main thread of the decoration, with the presence of elements and materials from fishing, of family origin, with a high sentimental value (for example, the lamp in the hallway of the room is a fishing nasa suspended from the ceiling by a pulley of the old water wells).

The virgin woods give it a retro air, accentuated by some furniture such as the golden velvet sofa, obtained at an auction in Holland.

Our reader gives great importance to lighting, hence it has focused especially on the creation of lamps as the main one: a bank that was formerly intended for the use of household chores, such as cutting food, craft tasks, preparation of the bread, etc.

He also likes the combination of the rustic with the industrial. And the presence of the natural, the green. And all in 55 square meters.

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The day area is an open space shared by the living room, the work area and the kitchen, delimited by a bar that serves as a dining room.

Most of the furniture is made of wood, designed by the owner, María Canosa. The original ceiling lamp stands out.

Seating area

With the TV installed on the wall and a sofa in front of the window.

The warmth of textiles

The warmth of textiles is added to the predominance of wood.

Ceiling Lamp Detail

A piece of wood with cables that are distributed on the roof.

Work corner also integrated

Next to being and in front of the kitchen, a work table.

The kitchen, open to the living room

The kitchen is delimited with a bar and a different floor covering.

A breakfast bar and dining room

A rough wooden bar delimits the kitchen and serves as a dining room.

Sink detail

The kitchen countertop, also in wood. The white porcelain sink stands out.

Corner in the kitchen

With technology at the service of the kitchen.

Bar and stools Very natural

Wood is already a natural and warm material to which Maria has joined the presence of green arrangements like this one, maxi, on the bar.

With lighting on the bar A table set

Detail of the careful green kitchenware and golden notes.

In detail View of the day area from the work corner

With great feeling of spaciousness.

The desk

The table is formed by a board and a pair of borriquetas. On the work area, a lot of green.

A floor lamp next to the table

For when a more precise illumination on the work area is necessary.

Table leg detail

The borriqueta with some pots with plants.

Flowers on the work table Work Corner View

Enjoy also the clarity that comes through the window of the room.

The hall and the hall

In the main entrance there is a mirror integrated in a very old door, which initially
I was abandoned.

Memories captured in photographs

In this image you can see a strip of photographs, a very decorative and personal detail.

Photos on the wall The hall

With a customized solution in the same decorative line as the rest of the house: a wooden console with a stool.

Front view of the receiver console On the shelf

Details in wood.

Detail of one of the doors The bedroom

Entrance to the master bedroom.

From inside

View of the bedroom from inside the room.

With textiles in soft tones

The bedding in soft colors and flowers give the bedroom a country look.

Romantic air

Thanks to the "veils" that decorate the ceiling of the bedroom.


Decorated with wooden windows.

Wooden windows detail

The headboard of the bed is two old windows, anchored to the wall with movable hinges, so that they could be opened. The crystals are decorated with very subtle vinyl with messages.

View of one of the bedroom walls

In the background, the bedside table, also in wood.

Black ceiling lamp Coat Rack Detail The wood and black bathroom

With great visual strength: in wood and with a lot of black in the coverings.

The sink

Detail of the sink area.

Wood and a floral arrangement The shower area

Shocking The shower wall has a very particular coating.

Inkiostro Bianco and Zucchetti are the firms that give prominence to the bathroom. Vinyl transforms the reduced space into avant-garde design.

A striking coating The shower