Give the old sideboard a current look

Give the old sideboard a current look

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The use of prior primer, in addition to erasing imperfections, ensures a good grip on the paint.

What do you need:

- An old sideboard.
- Two equal boards.
- Two drawers made of natural wood.
- Scourer, brush and sandpaper.
- A damp cloth.
- Spatula and sealer.
- Black and white paint.
- Brush and roller.
- Masking tape.
- 4 shelves stops.

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Paint it in bright colors (yellow, turquoise or purple) and you will become the undisputed star of the living room or bedroom. And if you prefer to give it an air vintage, choose to sand some corners for a pickling effect, or line the interior with wallpaper ... Imagination to power!

Remove varnish

With a medium grain sandpaper, remove the varnish from the furniture. Before, clean it with a water-soaked scourer and a neutral soap solution. Dry it with a clean cloth.

Pass a damp cloth

When you finish sanding, pass a slightly damp cloth. In this way, you will be able to thoroughly eliminate the remains of dust. If you want, you can finish cleaning by rubbing with a wooden brush.

Apply cap

With the help of the spatula, apply the cap cover. You must give more quantity where the imperfections are greater. The good thing about this type of primer is that it has no smell and dries very quickly.

Apply white paint

Decorate the exterior of the furniture with white paint. For difficult areas, use the brush while for smooth areas, use the roller. He also paints the inner part of one of the sides and the two equal boards that will serve as future shelves.

Paint black legs and inside

Paint the legs and the inside of the other side of the furniture black. Cover the white-painted edges with masking tape so as not to stain them with dark paint. As in the previous step, use the brush or roller according to the difficulty of the area.

Fix new stops

In the old furniture holes, fix some new stops for the shelves. Place the shelves, tilting them so that they fit without problem, and the two wooden drawers. Fill the shelves of books and magazines and take advantage of the envelope to locate the phone and that colorful vase.