It won't be Darth Vader, but ... Do you already have your gift for Father's Day?

It won't be Darth Vader, but ... Do you already have your gift for Father's Day?

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Do you remember the time when you started going out at nightclubs / guateques / dances? For you it was glorious times, but your father ... gray hair came out! And not because of getting old, but because of the worry that something bad would happen to your little one. And in the meantime, you, dancing to the rhythm of the night. If ... blessed parents! And just for those moments, they deserve to be given a gift every year. So come, take a seat, and choose!

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The crazy one sushi? Then present these socks on a tray ... And no, they do not eat!

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The coolest coffee maker

If you want your father to come back hipster, start by giving him this Smeg coffee maker!

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A reserve wine

You will not like this gift! Especially if you give it with an Iberian cap ...

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An electric corkscrew

And if you have trouble opening the bottle of red wine ... with this electric corkscrew, problem solved!

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With tenderness

If your father is still angry at the day you took the car without permission to go to Raphael's concert, with this cushion you will get the truce ... and a few kisses!

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Imperial Liquor Store

Wake up your dark side with this helmet-shaped liquor store Stormtrooper!

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A portable man

Tiny, ultra-thin… a jewel in gold color to carry with you whenever and wherever you want.

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A dazzling denture

With this electric toothbrush your father will get a more dazzling smile than a lighthouse at night. And you can load it from the laptop!

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If you have a clueless father, I'm sure that with this skin diary you will be finished with ... For trying not to be left ...

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The kitchen of the house

This apron will be great to prepare your favorite macaroni without staining a drop.

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A robot that can with everything

The back pains are over! The robot vacuum cleaner Smart force It will be responsible for cleaning it thanks to its infrared sensors. Also, when you finish the hard work, you will return alone to your charging base!

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The most flirtatious father

With this maintenance kit for the beard, your father will break hearts in his path as a whole gentleman! Live the dolce vita

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Let him dust off his old vinyls, because it was time to remember the fever on Saturday night!

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Egyptian stories

Did you know that Napoleon spent a night alone in the Great Pyramid of Egypt? The novel of the recent Planeta Prize, Javier Sierra, part of that experience to create a novel full of mystery that seeks to discover nothing more and nothing less than the secret of eternal life ...

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Gin Tonic Fever

With the fashion of gin tonic, surely you conquer him with this botanical box to flavor the gin ...

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To the high mountain

With capacity for 50 liters and waterproof fabric, this backpack is all you need for a high mountain excursion!

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Smart kitchen

The best way to save time in the kitchen is to use the Thermomix! But if you want the gift to be even cooler, the Cook-Key set is a device that fits in the magnetic port of the Thermomix and connects via Wi-Fi to Cookidoo, the Thermomix platform where thousands of official recipes are found in Guided Kitchen mode. Sounds good, huh? Well, it sure tastes even better ...

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A pillow with pedigree

Sewn by hand, with a cover made of 100% cotton twill, and a filling with 70% natural down and 30% white duck feathers of French origin. Do you need to give more information to know what will be the pillow of your life?

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For fans of infusions

If you are one of those who spend all day with a tea in hand, this kettle will come to you that neither painted. And besides, the color is beautiful!

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