This house has it all! Traditional outside, modern inside

This house has it all! Traditional outside, modern inside

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Today, the town houses They continue to enjoy that magical and nostalgic aura. Used to live in city buildings, whose facades are presented, in many cases, infinite and devoid of personality, any type of housing that seems different is attractive to our eyes.

A traditional house adapted to the new times
In this project to rehabilitate a traditional house in the urban center of the Fuencarral neighborhood in Madrid, carried out by the Al Discovery Architecture Studio, the house responded to a typical typology of the area, with backyards and a second volume finishing off the end of the patio.

After the renovation, the interior of the house breathes modernity, with open and connected spaces that advocate the use of natural materials such as wood, and the freshness that only plants can provide.

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The main objective of the project was to connect the house in two heights, with the workshop area at the back of the courtyard. To do this, a corridor was built that connects the two volumes, using an existing clothesline.

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In the low level All day activities are developed and the night areas are arranged at the top. However, a third guest bedroom was incorporated on the first floor, connected directly to the patio.

Related content Dolores Promesas opens deco in Potes The backlit railing subtly marks the contrast between the old and the modern. At Discover Again in the kitchen, we meet again with the backlight. This time, applied under the shelf, illuminating the front and the countertop. The steel design with smooth doors and hidden handles in olive green, enhances the modernity of the environment, while the wood is in charge of balancing the mixture thanks to its touch of naturalness. At Discover The exposed wooden beams conceive a rustic environment that transports us directly to a country house. As you can see in the picture, the kitchen has a nice office composed of a wooden table and four chairs of industrial aesthetics. At Discover The corridor that leads from the kitchen to the entrance of the house, is surrounded by wood in the form of beams and sheets, generating a visual game of depth, seasoned by natural lighting that comes from outside. At Discover

The office and the library merged with the patio thanks to the use of the Same pavement and large sliding windows. In addition, it was intended that the intervention at the spatial level be imperceptible. In this way, a patio exactly the same as the original was obtained and a hybrid interior-exterior space as the center of the operation.

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A small attic formed by two steps separates the office from the rest of the interior of the ground floor. At Discover At Discover By connecting the patio with the interior area through large windows, the house gains a plus of luminosity, being able to create corners as cute as that reading space formed by a bench and two comfortable cushions. At Discover The roof skylights continue the work of filling the interior with natural light. At Discover Detail of the gable roof with exposed wooden beams, illuminated by skylights. At Discover The laminated wooden floor of the living room visually separates this space from the office, which is framed in the background. At Discover Double height ceilings are an ideal resource to expand any environment. At Discover A long and narrow corridor with sliding windows runs through the interior of the house next to the patio, both with the same pavement. At Discover Across the hall, a beautiful dining room with a table and matching wooden benches, breathes fresh air thanks to the opening to the patio. At Discover

On the upper floor, two bedrooms with bathrooms included and exterior views, make up the rest area.

Related content How to reform your home and get it right The natural decoration of this bedroom, together with the wide surface of the floor, allows to add an element as colorful as a tree, in the company of other plants. In addition, the space next to the closet closet is used as a bench thanks to a wooden base to match the color range of the room. At Discover The bathroom communicates directly with the bedroom through a discreet window. At Discover From this perspective, we can appreciate the top of the shower and the sink mirror. At Discover The black-and-white diamond-patterned tile floor gives character to a space that would otherwise be too bland. Being a narrow corner, the best way to take advantage of it was to choose an elongated sink with rectangular shape, and black faucet to match the floor. At Discover Being free of drawers, the washbasin cabinet visually expands the bathroom, and if storage is required, a couple of baskets can always be placed under it. At Discover The second bedroom is committed to a touch of color in the cheerful bedding. At Discover In this case, the sink cabinet is floating, so that by leaving a free space under it, we also have greater visual openness. At Discover

House renovation plans

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